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What does that mean? Do any of you have expectations? Or do you believe you act without

The Webster’s dictionary defines expectation by the following:

The act or state of expecting: anticipation in expectation of what would happen, or that
something good might happen in the future.

When we look around us we can see that everything is based on expectations. Just look at business
models, corporations, government, etc. They all rely on goals, objectives, and milestones to reach.

The following are examples of expectations:

The government has expectations of reducing the global debt next year. I saved my writing in a
file with the expectation that it would be useful in the future. There is a widespread expectation
that the planet will awaken and all will be love and peace. The crowd waited in expectation of
her arrival on stage.

Now let’s take this further and look at ourselves and within ourselves. We all have expectations
about ourselves, our partners, our children, our friends and even our pets. We might want a better
job, or a career, or a more suitable partner, or that our children get an education or that our dog
does not pee on the floor; the list goes on and on. Now when we say, “I have no expectations” it
really means that we do not think that something good in the future will happen. Therefore, we
no longer need to set personals goals or achieve milestones. In that case, we rely on others to do
a task so that we do not need to look at ourselves and peel away the layers of what we have been
taught to think, see, and feel.

I truly believe that we all have expectations and that the most important one is the expectation
that this planet is going to awaken. That all of us will live in love and peace and that the human
race as a whole will reach Christ or Buddha Consciousness. In order to achieve this, we must all
come as One. Believing that this will happen, is a big expectation. Therefore, to reach this
nirvana, we must set up our personal expectations of reaching the stage of pure bliss in
everything we do, act, and think. Often it is not as easy as it seems. How many times a day have
we had unkind thoughts towards another? How many times are we being pulled into other
people’s storms? How many times do we revert to our old pattern of acting, reacting, interacting,
and doing? Are we truly aware of our 50,000 thoughts that come daily? Most of which are coming
from sub-programming and are not visible. As for me, my expectation of myself is to be aware
of my own 50,000 thoughts, and my own actions, and to spread as much love and wisdom as I can.
When all of us live in pure bliss, pure love, and pure peace, then and only then can we have no

Muriel Blanc

Muriel has always been captivated by the allure of art, ever since she was a young girl. She has spent countless hours exploring museums and galleries, soaking in the beauty and wonder of each piece. Her versatile talents include working with watercolors, oils, digital art, and photography. She draws inspiration from sacred geometry, vibrant colors, and experimenting with mixed media. Her specialty lies in creating mesmerizing mandalas, artworks with motivational quotes, and fantastical creatures that stir the imagination.

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