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Massive Magnetic Manifestation Mindset

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How many of you would be open to the idea that you can have something that you really want if you are willing to change your energy frequencies by Gamifying it? If you believe that the universe is abundant and unlimited, or scarce and limited, either way you’re right! It’s your thoughts that are often the impediment to the outside manifestation in your physical world. I prefer the innocent thought that the world has saved the best for you, i.e. the Swedish smorgasbord or the French buffet where you can have as much and as often as you like! Here are the four steps that help you get the goal and make it fun at the same time! Ready?
  1. Set an Intention….. make it clear what your goal is and how you would like it to happen. Make it like a movie in your mind!
  2. Suspend disbelief – if you don’t believe it, tell your rational logic to take a moment to marvel in the possibility of this actually happening!
  3. Childlike wonder! Ever see kids the night before holidays or right before their birthdays? When do we lose that sense of fun and wonder! Inject joy into it!
  4. Gamification – write down milestones as to make it fun and appear to be “meant to be” that you can document in advance to make it more real!
Wikipedia describes Gamification as, “the strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organisations and activities in order to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users. ….. Gamification techniques are intended to leverage people’s natural desires for socializing, learning, mastery, competition, achievement, status, self-expression, altruism, or closure, or simply their response to the framing of a situation as game or play.” Dopamine is activated through Gamification and controls pleasure centers in our brains. It allows us to feel pleasure at the repeated achievement, and you get more dopamine the more you win! So, let me tell you about a story with 5 people in a mundane task that became exciting and reaped the above rewards! I co-taught a workshop on this very topic and listened to people who made a few thousand dollars, scored sacred beach day tickets for sold out days, and other cool stuff! Just telling people about it makes them excited and I enjoy putting it into practice in the “real” world. Tale of three packages…..I like to give gifts! It just brings me joy! So, I had three packages for three people; in Austria, Florida, and the U.K. My friend picked up the packages that I had hugged, infused with tender loving care, and I deposited $120.00 in the Zelle account, saying that the packages would not cost more. That is where the proof is, making the game first with the amount, and committing to that. She went to UPS and it was over $450.00! I said, “Nope, Let’s suspend disbelief and have the childlike wonder to know they’re going to all get shipped with the $120.00.” She went to the post office and after waiting for a long time, she texted me the total was $114.20! Score one point! My intention was for the packages to get to their destinations as fast as possible! Due to COVID, there is no guarantee on delivery times so this was going to be even more to suspend disbelief! Since she was so kind and patient, she got the post man to upgrade to express mail for the UK package, which was amazing! Score another point! Then, I asked two of the recipients when the packages would arrive and they sent love and set the intention that the packages would arrive quickly as well. The lady in Austria was out of the country, so there was no urgency. So, for the UK package there was a decoration of the package arriving Tuesday or Thursday! It literally arrived Monday, and didn’t even get put in the system! He imagined the package arriving, sent it love, and within two hours there was a knock on his door! The package to Florida was also intercepted with the same energy as we were all trying to see if sending love and gamifying it would work! Her package arrived in 36 hours! She got a knock on the door and was completely thrilled! The third package took its sweet time as no one was waiting for it and it wasn’t able to be picked up right away anyway. There was no deadline or urgency but this is an example of all the people involved having the same intended goal, and watching that happen was such a delightful thing! When people come together in high frequencies, and see the possibilities, there is nothing they can’t achieve! Try it on something small, then work up to bigger things! Magnetize these things to you with the trial and error to see what you can do to make life just a little bit more juicy! What are you going to manifest with a smile? What is the goal of the game? Why, to enjoy your life a little bit more and open yourself up to what is possible!

Barbie Layton

International Best You speaker going from side to the Main stage in 6 months based on fan feedback and 25 years of speaking engagements! Currently in Vishen Lakhiani’s exclusive MindValley Coaching, Best You magazine contributor, helping others manifest their dreams with her unique intuitive healing abilities. She uses her degree from the world famous University of Santa Monica and participated in their Cannes film festival winning documentary as a counselor to women serving life sentences in Chowchilla, California on “The Prison Project” , based on Viktor Frankl’s work. Luckily, being intuitive she completed over 60 MindValley quests from acclaimed mentors to help businesses and individuals to reanimate their dreams, fall in love with themselves, and become the VIP of their own lives!

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