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Leadership in Times of Crisis

What makes a Good Leader?
Is it the Ivy League Degree? The Networth or Network to which they belong? Is it the oratorical ability?

A good leader is judged by their employers, followers and even their critics. The baseline for Good Leadership is based on the quality standards by which they live and project a given set of values. Values that remain constant even in crisis situations.

My Leadership training dates back to being a child of 6 years of age playing in my grandmother’s yard. There was something about the way I perceived life to believe that someone had to be in charge. Someone had to decide who was to sit where and who was to participate in the fun. The other kids looked to me to tell them what to do and they would do it (at least for the most part).

I knew then, there were people who were leaders and others who would follow. They both served a purpose and each had to perfect that purpose. It takes both to make life work. The games we played required both sides to win. The Leaders and those who knew how to follow.

What I learned from this experience was that I wanted to be a Leader. As an Empowerment Coach teaching Leadership Matters; there are certain qualities a good leader must possess in order to be successful.

  1. Empathy: A good leader cares about the people he/she serves. Which leads me to the second quality.
  2. Service: A good leader understands it is more blessed to give than to receive. This leader always finds a way to make those who “follow” them excited to be a part of the Team.
  3. Team Builder: A Good Leader builds positive relationships through team building. They know how to make everyone feel a part of the team. There are strategic pieces in place to help members (followers) feel valued within the organization.
  4. Value Building: Creates an environment where everyone feels valued. A Good Leader eliminates the feeling of Hierarchy within the team.
  5. Staff Mentoring Program: While training is imperative, a Good Leader recognizes the need for Peer to Peer training with incentives, i.e. Perks and Bonuses.
  6. Integrity: A Good Leader keeps their word regardless of the financial climate. The old “handshake” becomes law. What he/she says will become policy whether written or oral.
  7. Loyalty: A Good Leader is one who is loyal to the mission at hand and will lead the employees/followers to the places where they have been. A Good Leader knows you cannot take anyone where you have never been. Therefore, no one is ever taken into the team who is not willing to learn that.
  8. Trustworthy and Trusts: We cannot give away what we do not possess. A Good Leader trusts the Team Members’ talents, gifts and abilities, and is quick to point that out without reservation.
  9. Courageous: A Good Leader is one who makes tough decisions even when others retreat. In those uncertain times, a Good Leader will still take up the torch for the Team.
  10. Humility: A Good Leader does not mind giving honor to whom honor is due and credit to whom credit is due. A Good Leader is always happy to get in done, regardless of which team member gets the credit.
  11. Clear Focus and Vision: A Good Leader has clear vision. They do not mind making mistakes or changes when they have to be made. Whatever the course, a Good Leader will remain clear on direction and serves as a navigational voice for the Team.
  12. Command Faith of Themselves: A Good Leader knows how to dig deeper in times of crisis. He/she picks up the torch when others will retreat. This Leader sees a Perfect Storm while others focus on Covid-19 and Politics. This Leader continues with the Mission at hand and never looks back to regret not taking action.
  13. Positive Attitude: A Good Leader always maintains a positive attitude regardless of what is going on. They do not allow circumstances to dictate their emotions.
  14. . Resilience: A Good Leader has the ability to bounce back from any adversity.
  15. Delegation: A Good Leader knows they must delegate. They trust the value of Teamwork. much as a Coach trusts the payers in the NFL or NBA. Trust that you have hired experts.

The best Leaders make the best players. They have learned how to be a good follower.

Are You a Good Leader? Do You have what it takes to move your life forward? The qualities of a Good Leader are birthed in the midst of chaos, crisis and calamity. You will never see the strength of a good leader without the opportunity. Covid-19, Political Unrest, Racial Disparities and the like, are the Perfect Storms for the birthing of Good Leaders.

DrFaye Wilson

Empowerment Coach

Leadership Matters-Consulting and Coaching
Speaker-Author-Talk Show Host

Dr. Faye Wilson

Dr. Faye (DrFaye) Wilson is a highly respected CEO of New Covenant Television Network (NCTN) impacting the world with her influence as a sought after Global Anointed Messenger. She is a Multi-Media Personality with a strong and consistent passion to empower men and women with Spiritual Mental, and Emotional Healing. Qualified with a Doctorate in Holistic Theology, her modalities are used to delay and strengthen the Spirit, Soul, and Body. Thereby creating a space for major and cataclysmic shifts in individuals. As a Transformation Strategist, many testify to learning how to live fully and love unconditionally in their every day, waking, walking, and talking lives. As a Television Talk Show Host, she engages men and women from every genre to share their stories and ignite passion into her audiences around the world. She is the Chancellor for the Global Academy International a fully accredited online Bible College. Dr Faye and her team of passionate believers are focused on the mission to teach, train, and deploy men and women to live the life they were born to live. Her passion and influence have landed her guest spots on syndicated national and international Radio and Television Talks and News Shows including Chicago Morning News, Malcolm Out Loud, The Jim Brickman Show, Rhett Palmer “The Mayor of the Airways”, IHeart Radio and dozens of others. As the founder and CEO of New Covenant Television Network (NCTN) is a faith-based vision for Smart Television Technology on Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Samsung, Zingo TV, VEOTT, and more. Her specialized interests include Lifestyle Changes, Personal Development, Inspirational, and Spiritual Empowerment Messages. Books: The Desperate Daughters of Destiny Fatal Distraction: Steal-Kill- Destroy Jazzy Shoes: Children Book Our Father’s DNA- Switched at Birth Our Father’s DNA-It Is Finished

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