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How to get over a breakup in 30 days! An interview with Sophie Keller


If you’ve gone through at least one awful breakup in your life, as most of us have, then help is at hand. The Best You chats to Sophie Keller about her new project: How to Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days.


Breaking up with your partner can be extremely hard, whether you were only together for a couple of months, or many years. Breakups can leave us feeling empty and in some cases feeling worthless, regardless of whether you are the dumper or dumpee.


Imagine someone came along with a magic wand, waved it and made all those bad feelings disappear. Happiness Expert and best-selling author Sophie Keller may not be your fairy godmother, but she has the experience, and now the programme, to help you get over both your ex partner and to help you stop repeating the same habit of choosing people who aren’t right for you.


According to the outline of the programme, “Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days” is a four-week online where Sophie guides you through, step-by-step, to help you to get over your breakup fast and stop you from attracting the same kind of person over and over again. “Not only do I help you release any behaviours that are unconsciously ruining your relationships, we will also uncover the kind of person you’re really going to be most compatible with, which might be a bit of a revelation. It’s really like having 14 highly transformative private coaching sessions with me, in a very affordable package,” says Sophie.


What makes this programme different from all the others out there is that Sophie has a real understanding of people and what makes people right for each other. After all, 2 of her best-selling books are on relationships. ‘How Happy is Your Love Life? 50 Great tips to Help You Attract and Keep the perfect Partner’ and ‘How Happy is Your Marriage? 50 Great Tips to Make Your Relationship Last Forever.’


“There are way too many divorces. Why is that? Are we not making great decisions in the first place?” asks Sophie. “How do you make sure that you are choosing the right person to go the distance with? Because life is full of great joys and obstacles and you need to know that you can face those obstacles together as a team and not take the stress out on each other. There are seven billion people on the planet says Sophie and there is someone out there for everyone no matter how old anyone is or where they live, in this program we figure out exactly what went wrong, how to avoid the same mistakes next time round and how to magnetize your perfect partner once and for all!”


According to Sophie, a large part of being successful in attracting someone amazing is changing your attitude. “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got”, she says wisely. “I think many of us need help to stop repeating the same patterns and attracting the same kind of person over and over again. This means looking at past relationships as a learning ground. “It’s important that you don’t just get over a break up, it’s also important that you heal and learn lessons with each partner In that way not only do you become clearer about who you are, you get clearer on what kind of person would be a great fit for you.


“I’m so excited for the participants, because there are so many surprises though the 14 lessons and I don’t want to give away too much. Each module builds on the next.


“After writing four books in quick succession I knew I wanted to do something different this year and this digital program is it. It’s for two kinds of people those who have never been married and those who are divorced and are starting a new life.”



Sophie’s top tips for getting over a breakup:


  • Let go of your emotions surrounding the
    break up. Forgive yourself.
  • Get over the fear that you won’t meet someone else – trust that you will.
  •  Let go of beliefs that are stopping you, such as negative self-criticism
  •  Look at the pattern you keep getting yourself into and realise the people you have
    been attracted to are wrong for you.
  •  Live in the present and enjoy your life. Make the most of being single.
  • Think about who you are looking to meet.


In this digital program you get 14 modules over 30 days. Each module is delivered in a video format and arrives in your inbox along with a workbook PDF. For more information on Sophie and ‘How To Get Over a Breakup in 30 Days’ visit: http://www.howhappyis.com

Sophie Keller

Sophie is an international speaker, transformative coach and the best selling author of 4 books on happiness. How Happy is Your Love Life? How Happy is Your Health? How Happy is Your Marriage? And How Happy is Your Home? She was recently nominated for the 2014 Woman Making a Difference Award by the Los Angeles Business Journal . Sophie helps foster a culture of well-being within businesses by teaching scientifically proven happiness strategies combined with her own powerful techniques to help individuals and organizations to boost their performance and reach their potential by being happier. Some of her clients include LG Electronics, Gano Excel and Unruly Media. Sophie is a frequent contributor on TV and radio across the country, including FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS. She has had her own Balanced Life series on Tribune’s KTLA 5 Morning News and currently has another series on FOX’s Good Day Chicago called How to be Happy at Work. She has also been featured in publications such as The Times, Self, Whole Living, Woman’s Own, Redbook, Family Circle, Woman, The Best You, Mom.me, Time Out and has contributed over 100 articles for The Huffington Post, for whom she has also done a series of 12 live Ask Sophie webinars. Sophie is also the creator of two digital programs – After Miscarriage – A digital program to help you through the grieving process & How To Get Over A Breakup in 30 Days. Sophie and her husband, Oliver own The Village Workspaces, a co-working space in Santa Monica that houses 20 thriving companies in tech, media and marketing. Sophie’s biggest accomplishment by far is being a mom to her son, Judah. Sophie is currently doing her doctorate on The Science of Happiness at Work.

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