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Embracing Life and Creating Authentic Success: A Collaboration Beyond Balance

While talking on the phone with a client standing outside the restaurant, I happened to look into the window, and there they were, my family, laughing, joking, playing with straws and water – creating beautiful memories.  Memories I wouldn’t be in once again, because I was too wrapped up in my own mission of proving to everyone that I could be more than what everyone thought -“Jenny who ain’t got a Penny” – that little girl who would grow up to be nothing- worthless – poor – an alcoholic like her father and a verbal abuser like her mother. 

In that moment, I decided I was done proving to everyone else – waiting for a “that a girl” or “I’m so proud of you,” and would start living life the way I wanted to live it; not some dream someone else had for me.

This became the foundation of my transformation, becoming my healing, relief, and power. I learned to love myself, imperfections, and all. This self-love was a rebellion against the voices that once told me I wasn’t enough. It was a reminder that I deserved the same love and compassion I had always yearned for.

My mentor, Les Brown, said “If you are casual about your dreams, your dreams will become a casualty.” It was time to live with the utmost intention, and what I learned is that intention is in fact everything! It’s a stark reminder that business demands dedication and focus; however, let’s explore this initial concept to move above and beyond our business, to live our dreams – make them a reality.  Let’s also explore the concept of embracing life to achieve authentic living and business success collaboration.

Forget about the elusive concept of balance; we’re here to talk about thriving in both spheres by taking actionable steps, shifting our mindsets, and, of course, adding a dash of humor and real-life stories along the way.

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship and business ownership, we often find ourselves in a relentless pursuit of success, convinced that burning the midnight oil is the only way to reach our dreams. But what if I told you there’s a more authentic and enjoyable path to both personal fulfillment and business success? Who says you can’t “Live your Legacy while you’re Building It?” 

The Myth of Working Endless Hours

Imagine a superhero who thought they could save the world by never sleeping. They’d quickly find themselves with a cape in one hand and a triple espresso in the other, barely holding it together. Similarly, many entrepreneurs believe they can conquer the business world by working endless hours. The reality is, overworking can be as counterproductive as a superhero without sleep. It often leads to burnout, lackluster performance, and diminishing returns.

Meet Mike, the “Sleepless CEO,” who boasted about his 100-hour workweeks. One day, he showed up to a meeting with his pants inside out and realized he’d forgotten his own name. It was a wake-up call that made him reconsider his approach. He thought he had endless time and energy.  He did – for a while. Only to discover that his health was slipping, he was missing deadlines, losing his temper, losing sales, not getting enough sleep, worrying, losing his personal relationships, filled with excuses and on and on. 

I wonder, was this all worth it?

Purpose-Driven Work

Imagine the ability to “Work on purpose so you can play with passion.” Sounds like sage advice, but what does it mean, and how does it relate to your business, your life? Finding your life’s purpose can be a game-changer. Your purpose acts as the compass guiding your business ship through the stormy seas of the market. It also provides clarity of your destination. Wonder aimlessly through life and you can end up nowhere, and fast. When you align your work with your personal core values and a clear sense of purpose, you’re not just navigating; you’re sailing with intention.

Defining Your Vision and Core Values

Remember Alice from Wonderland? She wandered through a fantastical world with no clear direction until she found a talking cat. Your business is like Wonderland, and your vision and core values are your talking cat. They guide you, help you make decisions, and prevent you from ending up at the tea party with the Mad Hatter.

Imagine a company whose vision was to “sell things to people.” That’s like going to a restaurant and ordering “food.” Specificity, my friend, is key! 

Let me ask you this.  Have you ever seen a Starbuck’s television ad for their fantastic cake pops, or egg whites? No. Or Chick-fil-A advertising salad? Of course not!  They focus on what they do best, and what they sell the most.  

Like them, we need to lead by example. Stick with what we do best; whether in our work or with our passions. 

Embracing a Holistic Approach 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our day-to-day activities. We are pulled from every direction possible – social media, family demands, business pressures, maintain health and wealth – it can become truly overwhelming. I often compare this busy work to “eating soup with a fork.” We are exhausted at the end of every day – okay, some of may be exhausted when we wake up too – feeling as if all we did was jump from task to task, activity to activity, conversation to conversation.  We don’t feel fulfilled, our hearts aren’t full, and sometime our bank accounts aren’t either. Remember, even the busiest bees take breaks to enjoy the nectar. 

Scoffing off the need for self-care, medication, sleep, reading, movement, praying can lead to much dangerous effects in your life. Do what’s hard (for a short time) so you can have what’s easy the rest of your life.  

Find your passions and vigorously spend time with them.  I know you will be pleasantly surprised how much time you have in a day when you want it bad enough, have the vision to make it real, and have the courage to say “yes” to YOU.

Building a World-Class Team 

Ever heard of the “one-person band” at a carnival? They’re the folks with cymbals between their knees, a harmonica in their mouth, and a bass drum on their back. Running a business alone can feel like that sometimes. Stop working IN and ON your business so you can live ABOVE and BEYOND your business™. 

Sarah, a business owner, used to do everything herself. One day, she tried to answer the phone, balance the books, and fix a leaking sink simultaneously. Let’s just say it didn’t end well. Her moment of truth led to hiring a world-class team she could rely on and then watching her productivity skyrocket.

Leaving a Legacy

Building a business is not just about making money; it’s about leaving a lasting mark on the world. Creating a business with a positive impact that aligns with your personal and professional core values, ensures your work lives on, and continues to make a difference for many generations.

As I’ve already mentioned, wouldn’t you prefer to live your legacy while you are building it?  Why wait?

The Path to Authentic Living

Authentic living means aligning your actions with your personal values and aspirations. Authenticity is not just a buzzword; it’s a compass that guides you through life’s twists and turns. Plus, it’s the secret sauce for building trust with your clients, and partners. Honoring your standards and non-negotiables can be very attractive because everyone else is trying to figure it out when you are simply living your dream.

The Transformational Journey 

To illustrate the power of this transformative approach, let me share with you about one of my clients, Katie. Katie attended every event, webinar and seminar I held, for over 4 years. Her hesitation and resistance to working with me over that time, resulted in a stagnant business and personal dissatisfaction. We had many mentoring sessions with tears and frustration as she learned the art of executing on an integrated approach to business and life. 

However, once she embraced the powerful principles I shared, Katie’s income catapulted from $185,000, to over $700,000 annually. The real win here was that she was spending many more hours with her husband (who had felt neglected) and was involved in her daughter’s classroom and school without sacrificing herself, her time, or her business. 

The lesson here is clear: taking action and implementing the right strategies can have a profound impact on your business and your life.

Taking the First Step

Now that we have embarked on this journey together, it’s time for you to take the first step toward authentic living and business success. Remember, you’re not just building a business; you’re building a legacy that’s uniquely yours. Embrace the principles shared in this article, align your actions with your vision and values, and let authenticity be your guiding star.

In a world that often prioritizes “busyness” over authenticity and long hours over an integrated life, it’s essential to embrace a different approach. Success can be achieved without sacrificing your well-being or authenticity. By working on purpose, building a world-class team, defining your vision and core values, and embracing a holistic approach to life and business, you can live fully and authentically while realizing your dreams. 

I encourage, no I implore you, to take the first step today, and remember, you’re not just building a business; you’re building a legacy that will resonate for generations to come, all while living your life, your way. 

Shift your perspective. We can not only break through financial ceilings, but craft lives filled with purpose, passion, and the luxury of time. The choice is yours, and the journey of your life is yours to embrace. 

Enough is enough. 

Get out of your own way. 

It’s your time. 

You deserve it. 

Live life today-now. 

You are powerful. 

You can have it all…all the time.

Lady Jen Du Plessis

Lady Jen Du Plessis – The Scaling Architect Lady Jen is the leading expert in building world class teams. She has been in the financial services industry for four decades, authored numerous best-selling books, hosts two podcasts, is the Producer and Host of her TV Show. She is an award-winning and charismatic international speaker, and has been featured in numerous articles and covers of national recognized magazines, including LA Weekly and SUCCESS Profiles Magazine. Jen believes it’s time to move from working IN and ON your business to living ABOVE and BEYOND your business.

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