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Compassion and Capitalism

For 2020 The Best You and Bernardo Moya founder of The Best You are launching some new videos to share the vision, the mission and the dream of The Best You. If you are interested in becoming a partner, speaking, exhibiting or being mentored by Bernardo contact us! [email protected] We have helped over 700 speakers […]

”Sarah Burnett-Moore is a doctor and prize-winning jewellery designer’

As a Consultant Radiologist responsible for quality for a team of around one hundred other doctors, I have a very left brain job. So left brain, in fact, that it can be hard to switch the controlling and marginally Obsessive Compulsive side off. I have the perfect antidote – I create. I’m a trained jeweller, […]

You Are The Pitch by Paul Boross, author of The Pitching Bible

  Paul Boross, The Pitch Doctor, looks at the key element of a successful pitch.   We are living in a competitive world, and to survive and thrive, you must have a competitive advantage. Your competitive advantage is not to be found in your products, your prices or even your people. Your competitive advantage rests […]