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What does it take to be a toastmaster?

With the wedding season in full flow, we asked wedding toastmaster and master of ceremonies John Driscoll about his role   What does a toastmaster do? Perhaps the first thing to clear up is the difference between a wedding toastmaster and a master of ceremonies (MC) as many people wrongly assume I just turn up […]

Start with heart- Jim Aitkins

Start with mutual respect and a positive outcome is more likely, says Jim Aitkins 
“Look, I didn’t mean to start an argument. And I don’t know why you’re all offended. I merely said that I think you are an idiot, so I don’t see what the big deal is.”
 This is something you will probably never […]

Don’t be shy – Sian Prior

Author Sian Prior has been a broadcaster and performer for more than 20 years, but has managed a lifetime of shyness. Here she explains how we can support children suffering from social anxiety ‘Dad has no idea how paralysing this thing is. I never want to talk to him again’. These miserable words appeared recently […]

Their inspirational stories 

Centrepoint gives homeless young people a future. Here, two people share their story of how the charity has supported them   Cia Robinson*, 19 With her mum regularly working abroad, Cia often had to stay at her grandmother’s house, but frequent arguments led to their relationship breaking down and Cia was told to leave. I […]