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Be Kind to Your Future Self

Aloha. Spring has come and gone, and life moves on. With the world changing faster than ever, and the rug pulled out from under us, again and again … What now??! Thank heaven birds are still singing, and bees buzzing.

QiGong Master Dr Effie Chow, taught that we, together with Mother Earth, are in a collective birthing process, to birth a more loving, higher consciousness, new world … And that now’s high time to birth your future YOU

In the spirit of David Corbin’s WTF to OMG – As maddening as our world can be, WHO and what are YOU becoming? What aspects of your life, would you like more ease and success in?

Warning: If you’re here for a rah rah, riches and “success,” power and influence, promised land formula; this isn’t the right article for you.

However, if you’re willing to do the necessary deeper real work, for us to come together, in our collective birthing process, to together birth a kinder, more loving, more merciful world, with true freedom, happiness, and abundance possible for all; And leave a legacy that’s RIP uniquely yours … Welcome Home.

Aloha. I’m Dr Linda Nadia Hole MD. My life has been, and still is, a healing journey. In my youth, I went to work with a fractured skull; with the prognosis, that I’d 80/20 be paralyzed for life; and recovered. Raised by two physician parents, I too become one.

As a young doctor, I strived to follow in the footsteps of my legendary missionary minister grandfather. I served in a ghetto hospital, and on San Quentin’s Death Row. Weekends off, I helped bring the disabled white water rafting.

As a young Mom, I served as president of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society; as a physician for the International Fast for Life for nuclear disarmament; and thank Qi, found QiGong.

To this day, I’m grateful for how our so many have trusted me to help support them through pivotal turning point, health, relationship, business, psycho-spiritual, and other challenges in their lives… to out of the blue, LOL calls for help, “Doc, I lost my diamond ring. Can you tell me where it is?”

Nowadays, with the unprecedented upheavals of our times, SOS calls for help, keep coming. This very moment, we’ve the son of a beloved in the ICU, with organ failure, fighting for the will to live.

Outside the ICU, seemingly happy professionals, privately confess how bewildered, and overwhelmed they’ve felt. One colleague, checked himself into rehab for a failed suicide attempt.

As global cries for help, are coming ever closer to home – How can we inspire people to trust living into their OMG future life, for ultimately a happier future for us all, before it’s too late?

Thank heaven for tribes like Best You Synergy, and Secret Knock, committed to inspiring positive change worldwide.

In my own life, I’ve had the honor of also getting to know a tribe of extraordinary Kahunas, QiGong masters, indigenous shamans, and other spiritual healing masters, as near family.

Thanks to the blessings of such gifted crosscultural mentors, I now practice “QiGong Miracle Healing” from China; via the Breath of Aloha, from Hawaii. Over decades working thousands, I’m awed again and again, at the transformational power of these simple tools, as one answer to ‘What now ?”

Note that a “miracle” can be as ordinary as a tear drop, or a smile; and God willing, as dramatic as the blind seeing, deaf hearing, crippled walking, and lives changing.

With the world and life as is, may we share with you what’s possible?

Meet Alexis, a spiritual teacher. When we met Alexis, she was a single mom, struggling to make ends meet, facing eviction, and little known for her work. Working with Alexis, she started magically showing up at the right place, at the right time, to meet the right people. She shot to stardom, fell in love, and made over $40K on her first tour abroad.

Meet Francis, a husband, father, and corporate consultant, with chronic pain, frustrations both at work, and home. Working with Francis, he released the stuck Qi of long buried feelings. A month or so later, he reported, “My pain’s gone; I’ve a new job; and at home, our family relationships have cleared at the ancestral level! Thank you – Your work is worth more than the over $20k that I spent on other ‘experts.’ Are you a shaman?”

While these stories may sound too good to be true, like results are not uncommon among Qi practitioners. The Qi and your Breath, have a Divine intelligence, with the power to profoundly transform lives.

What’s Qi? Qi is the scientifically measurable, universal vital life healing force. The key to Qi, is your breath.

QiGong, a 5000 year old healing art from China, is the practice of cultivating Qi; and is scientifically clinically documented to

• Relieve pain, stress, and fatigue

• Increase energy and boost the immune system

• Enhance relationships and sense of purpose

• Raise awareness and sense of well being

• Reverse aging and paralysis

Who’d like a Qi miracle for yourself, and/or those you care about?

Voila 8 simple, ABC, Qi practices, you can apply immediately to your life, and see what happens…

1) Align with Aloha: Who or what, are you aligning and giving your leadership to? Ground, and Stand Tall, with Aloha, for who you truly are. A also stands for Appreciate, Accept, and Allow Awesome!

2) Breathe deeply, every breath, the Breath of Aloha: Breathe in Aloha. Breathe out everything else! Kahuna Harry Jim Uhane teaches that “The breath is more powerful than any drug – to consciously manifest Joy!” B also stands for Bless, Baby, Beautify, and Build.

3) Cleanse, Clear, and Center: Where attention goes, energy flows. What distractions do you allow into your Qi field, that take you off course? Who and what do you allow to occupy your psychic real estate? Delete!! Clear!!! C also stands for Connect, Commune, and Create, with Compassion

4) Discipline yourself to Lighten Up: QiGong Grandmaster Dr Effie Chow taught that Love conquers all; and prescribed at least 3 belly laughs, and 8 hugs a day. D also stands for Dance Divine Delight.

5) Exercise! Move your body! Move your Qi! Move your life!: “Good Fortune” in Chinese, literally translates as “Good Move Qi.” For abundance, we must keep our Qi, our body, and our lives moving. Like water, Qi that doesn’t move, stagnates. Intentional daily exercise, and action steps are a must. E also stands for Embody Earth, Enjoy Excellence

6) Fang song Free Yourself: Soften and loosen your grip on what no longer serves you. Relax, Release, and Let Go! F also stands for Fire up Faith.

7) Grateful PMA Inner Smile: In Gratitude, give a loving Inner Smile, to each and every cell in your body, for all that’s unfolding in your life. Look for blessings in disguise, to be grateful for. Studies show that an inner smile PMA positive mental attitude significantly increases sales, productivity, and profits too. G also stands for Ground Goodness with Grace.

8) Happy Ho’oponopono: Besides forgiveness, Ho’oponopono is about taking 100% full responsibility for your life. Dr Hew Len, taught that we are all each responsible for everything, from climate change, to any child who’s “un-alived” worldwide. Our individual responsibility is to keep cleaning in ourselves, in humility, what the world mirrors back to us, with “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank You, I love you.” “H” also stands for Hello Heart Humanity, Hope Heaven’s Harmony

So, who’s ready to rise together?

Ready to let go? and Let’s GO!? In the words of our Qi bro, Nick Good, “It’s time to get your … together! Love more, think less. Breath more, think less. Vison more, think less. Time to LOVE like you have never loved before.”

In prayers for a Breath of Aloha, more Qi filled, Happier world – with Peace, Love, Justice, Mercy, and Freedom for All – Happy Qi and Blessed Be. Love Love Y’All.

Linda Nadia Hole

Dr. Linda Nadia Hole MD, is a pioneer as one of the 1st Western trained physicians to successfully incorporate QIGong into her medical practice. As a Qigong Master practitioner and teacher of over 3 decades experience, and consulting editor for landmark textbook Chinese Medical QiGong, she devotes her life to healing in the way of Love, via the Ho’oponopono Breath of Aloha. One of her passions is supporting others on the journey to their own Divine master, happy Qi healer within.

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