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7 Quotes to feel fantastic for ­from Richard Bandler

Dr Richard Bandler’s unique approach to thinking and life has made a massive mark on modernday life. Here are some of his deeply inspiring quotes, to give you a whole new way of encountering the world.


1) Do you want to know a good way to fall in love? Just associate with all your pleasant experiences with someone, and disassociate from all the unpleasant ones.

Bandler’s view of NLP includes association – that is – experiencing emotions feelings and internal thoughts more closely and with more intensity, and disassociation – a means of distancing yourself from thoughts. By learning to do this, you can get hold of your emotions, rather than be a victim of them.


2) The greatest personal limitation is to be found not in the things you want to do and can’t, but in the things you’ve never considered doing.

Richard Bandler is always looking to see what’s missing from a person’s model of the world. Very often, it’s in what’s missing that the tools needed to change and overcome limitations can be found.


3) The best thing about the past is that it’s over. The best thing about the future is that it’s yet to come. The best thing about the present is that it’s here now.

Richard loves to remind us we are living in the now, and don’t have to be controlled by our pasts. This quote is great fun, because it plays with the word present. After all, life is a gift.


4) If you say to yourself ‘It’s difficult to get up in the morning’, ‘It’s hard to cease smoking’, then you are already using hypnotic suggestions on yourself…

Hypnosis is one of the key tools in Richard Bandler’s approach to personal change. Rather than being a mysterious process, Richard believes we’re continually shifting through different emotional and trance states. Some of our deepest­held beliefs are deeply held because we’ve already associated a particular trance – one of certainty and fixedness – to the things we tell ourselves. Reality, however, is different to what we think!


5) You know what ? Certain people think they will feel good if certain things happen… The trick is : you have to feel good for no reason…

Taking charge of your emotions by keeping good feelings available as a resource at any time is great fun. Richard Bandler teaches how to do that, so you too can “feel good for no reason…”


6) Remember, it’s your own body, your own brain. You’re not a victim of the universe, you are the universe.

A central part of NLP is the notion that you are in charge of your mind. Richard loves to remind you that “you’re driving the bus”. Even more, because your whole experience of the universe is processed only through your subjective experience, in many ways, actually, you are the universe!


7) If you can’t enjoy what you have, you can’t enjoy more of it.

The mindset of suffering in some people means they have no idea how to get the good things in life. If they had success, or money, or all the other things they crave, they just wouldn’t know what to do with them. The secret is to learn to live skilfully with what you’ve got – and to move on from there.


Aren’t they great quotes?


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Richard Bandler

Dr. Richard Bandler, is the Co-Founder of the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A distinguished visitor to Menninger's Foundation, a Keynote Speaker for many Associations and Foundations. He has participated at many grand rounds at teaching hospitals. He was an Associate Professor at UCSC and a Graduate Advisor at Colleges. The Society of NLP-Richard Bandler has over 600 Institutes around the world. Dr Bandler is a consultant to many Fortune 500 Companies., the US Military, US Intelligent Agencies, Major League Baseball teams, NFL players and Olympic Athletes. He is a true designer of training programs. He has been the CEO of several corporations from Training and Consulting companies to a Research and Development company specializing in Optics and Holographic Storage systems. Dr. Bandler has continued to improve and evolve the field of NLP and gone on to develop other seminars as well, Design Human Engineering, Persuasion Engineering, Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning to name a few. He has been interviewed by a variety of magazines from Psychology Today to Newsweek. Most major newspapers, TV Networks and Radio Stations around the world have interviewed him over the past 30+ years. Dr. Bandler, a mathematician, philosopher, modeler, teacher, artist and composer for four decades has left a legacy of books, videos, audios, art, students and a body of knowledge that will change therapy, education and medicine forever. He has hundreds of thousands of students and hundreds of licensed institutes all over the world. Dr Bandler has made his mark and says he is just getting warmed up. His record of helping patients who had been deemed incurable is unsurpassed.

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