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3 Immune Activation “Hacks” To Keep Your Health In Tip-Top Shape

Immune system activation Hacks

If you’re over a certain age (like me), you know a few things to be true:

Getting older comes with a slew of challenges, like your mitochondria slowing down their replication… losing 1% of your muscle mass every year after 30… or your immune system going awry every time you celebrate another birthday.

Most experts tell us all the time that it’s just the “natural” part of ageing.

That getting older means acceptance. 

But I’m going to assume you’re different – and like me, you’re always looking for natural ways to keep your body young for as long as possible. 

If that sounds about right, I’d like to talk to you about three immune-boosting hacks you can incorporate into your life as soon as you’re done reading this article.

Here’s the first one:


Immune Activation #1: Eat More “Microbiome superfoods”

Your gut (also called the second brain) is the body’s ecosystem—and it demands a diversity of good bacteria to function at an optimum level.

And since 70% of your immunity is part of the digestive system – a healthy gut means better immune health.

So you could say that one of the forgotten secrets to immune health is found in how much variety of microbiomes (bacteria and other microorganisms) you have in your gut.

Now the question is:

How do you generate a mix of good bacteria?

That’s a question with endless answers. But here’s a great start:

One way is by eating more of what Raphael Kellman, MD calls “Microbiome superfoods”.

Instead of listing hundreds of food types for you, here’s a shortlist:

Just think of natural probiotics like fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut and kimchi, fermented dairy products like kefir, and natural prebiotics like asparagus, carrots, garlic, leeks, radishes, and tomatoes. 


Immune Activation #2: Get a “Super Dose” of Vitamin C 

Did you know studies show that taking up to 1000mg of Vitamin C daily can shorten the length of an infection? 

Yet, many people are unknowingly depleted of this immune-boosting vitamin – which can lead to a phase called “anascorbemia”.

This can cause poor healing and other metabolic complications.

But the good news is, high enough doses of Vitamin C give your immune system the fighting power to protect the body from a variety of ailments and illnesses.

And don’t forget, Vitamin C is an antibiotic, antihistamine, antitoxin, and antipyretic for your system. So don’t be scared of fueling your body with more. 

Of course, everyone is different, and depending on your health, age, size, and time of year – different amounts are needed. So it isn’t a one-fits-all solution. 

I have put together an easy-to-understand guide that gives you precise examples of how much daily consumption you may need for your situation. 

To get a free copy – just go to my website here and get your Free Vit C guide now.


Immune Activation #3: “Zap” Bugs with Frequency Medicine

Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) or better known as Frequency Medicine – is a safe, non-invasive treatment that detects potential pathogens, toxins, stressors, and other problems that may interfere with your immune function.

Why does this method work so quickly to strengthen and restore your immune defences?

It’s based on a very sound idea: 

All cells have frequencies, even damaged ones. 


Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT)can “tune” into these frequencies or energy wavelengths and displays the feedback on virtual pictures of your internal system on a screen – clearly showing where the culprits are hiding. 


It then “zaps” or “shakes” these problem-causing stressors very hard at their resonant frequency – weakening and depolarising them so your clever immune system can identify and attack them.


More Information on the many benefits of Frequency Medicine or Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT), along with my story of how I discovered this technology, can be found on my website here



We have not met yet, but we are very much alike:

We both want to keep our body feeling young and healthy… well into our golden years!

And today, I’d like to tell you about a safe, non-invasive treatment that can do just that. Plus, tell you how to claim a taster session worth £98, courtesy of being a Best You reader.

It’s called Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) – or better known as Frequency Medicine.

And this therapy originated from Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who believed all things – including microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites – vibrate at their own frequencies.

The notion behind it was if a disease-causing microorganism has a frequency, it can be identified, zapped, and weakened.

That’s how a Bio Resonance device works.

The system rattles the bugs so hard at their resonant frequency that it disrupts their polarity (the positive and negative sides) – making them weaker for our clever immune system to clean up and clear away through our cleansing organs – the Lymph, Liver & Kidneys.

I’ve personally experienced how this treatment helped my clients reduce, even eliminate ailments like:

  • Chronic pain
  • Poor immune function
  • Cardio decline
  • Gut and prostate issues
  • Sports injuries
  • And other health conditions

Now I want you to try it for yourself, risk-free.

As I said before, you’ll find a special offer from me below, where you can get a 1-hour “Taster session” of Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT) worth £98.

But you must hurry, as this offer is only good for the first 10 Best You readers. To get started, click the button below:



Kevin Davies

Where traditional holistic medicine meets modern technology

P.S. Michael Salter, of Best You Magazine, said this:

“At our London show, Kevin was the second busiest stand, second to my all-time favourite speaker – Mas Sajady.” The reason? Because of Bio Resonance Therapy (BRT). Claim your free taster session here.

Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies is the enthusiastic, full-of-life Founder of Bio Health Scan that focuses on Frequency Medicine technology to help people recover from sports injuries and chronic pain, quickly. Kevin’s remarkable story began when he sadly lost 90% of his gross motor function due to an unprovoked attack from behind. This blow to his head knocked his health back for years while he dealt with back spasms that felt like sharp little stabbing knives on his nerves. It was when the doctors told him there was nothing more they could do, that Kevin, with all his positivity and determination - looked for alternative solutions to get his body back on track. And that was the beginning of his new life-changing journey, leading him to discover the amazing benefits that Frequency Medicine has to offer. He is now a trusted advisor and distributor of Bio Health Scans that automatically detect pain signals at the source and then treat it rapidly.

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