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Registering with The Best You Magazine means you will be able to read it on any device, from your tablet or smartphone to your desktop or laptop. In addiction to the app, which you can download to your phone or tablet for free, we have a responsive, user-friendly web page. PLUS you will be the first to know when the latest issue is published.

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Meet the most inspirational people, hear the most motivational stories and learn incredibly useful tips and ideas that will help you to become the Best You. Filled with advice on getting things done, confidence, self esteem, motivation, focus, feeling and looking great and doing whatever it takes to help you improve your life, The Best You is an antidote to bad news and feeling stuck in life. What’s more, this is far more than a magazine.

Contains video interviews with celebrities and big names, who share their advice, their experience and their observations on life. Just click through to watch the interviews – which gave yet more advice and tips. In all, The Best You is a smart, multimedia experience that will inspire, inform and entertain all at once – and guide you to become The Best You.Additionally to the The Best You Magazine in digital format,  the Apps are also free.

If you prefer a print version We are currently offering a 12-month print subscriptions of the magazine for ONLY £29.99 (including shipping).(£3.97 per issue!)  BUY HERE.






Is now available on print on demand. We are currently offering a 12-month print subscriptions of the magazine at £29.99 (including shipping).





Firstly, download the free app from the app store here. You can use this link to find it, or else search on the Newsstand app. The app is free to download, and you can download the first November 2012 edition for free. Subscriptions to The Best You Magazine is now also FREE.

The app works on both iPad and iPhone, although we recommend using an iPad as the smaller screen size of the iPhone doesn’t make for the best reading experience. PLEASE NOTE: The Best You Magazine app is free.





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The app is designed to be used with phone and tablet Android devices, but we recommend using a tablet as the phone’s small screen size doesn’t make for a great reading experience. PLEASE NOTE: The Best You Magazine app is free.




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The Best You is available to for you to view on your PC or Apple computer, tablet or phone. Register once and read all the articles anywhere at anytime.

IMPORTANT: For the best experience to view videos, full articles we recommend you download the FREE APPS available on  iTunes Newsstand, Google Android and other digital platforms.


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