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Inside a sane new world

Ruby Wax talks with Daska Davis Ruby Wax says she is feeling OK, but that she hasn’t rehearsed yet for her show in three days’ time. In fact she’s already been on the road with her Sane New World tour, most recently in Australia, receiving rave reviews for a show that challenges how society deals […]

Do Self Help Books Really Work? by The Best You

  Providing inspiration through the written word is seriously big business. Globally, self improvement books and inspirational magazines are now a multi-million dollar industry; and with more people turning to literature to help change their lives, the trend shows no sign of abating. Self improving literature first emerged into the mainstream with Dale Carnegie’s game […]

Psychology: An Origins Story by Kendra Cherry

  The Best You takes a look at the history and origins of psychology. Where did it begin? Who has left the greatest mark on the practice today? And where is it headed? Psychology is a broad set of disciplines drawing on a numerous theories and techniques that have emerged over the centuries. In fact, […]