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What does it take to be a curator? By Belinda Hall

Belinda Hall is founder of Home of Artisans, an online community marketplace that supports and promotes local artists of craft from around the world    Tell us about your transition from ad exec to curator. I’d worked in advertising since university, for 14 years, but I’ve always been entrepreneurial and I come from a family […]

What have you memorised? By Jim Aitkins

Jim Aitkins believes that we can create results by learning from the success of experts   Some 30 years ago, my first ‘real’ job was in sales. I was hired by a life & health insurance brokerage firm to sell its insurance products to people who had requested information. It was 100 per cent commission […]

How to mentor a child by Jon Bullock

Jon Bullock is executive director for the Redmond Proficiency Academy, a school that he founded. A lifelong mentor, here he shares his insights into how to nurture a child’s potential A couple of weeks ago I found myself in the midst of a youth soccer tournament. As I stood on the field, observing games being […]

An Inspirational Story by Julie Foster

Julie Foster writes about her experience of surviving breast cancer diagnosis and treatment with a positive outlook   I wouldn’t say that surviving breast cancer is easy, but I do believe that you can choose your perspective and create an easeful experience.   I love the power of thought and have used it to create […]