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How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes by Maria Konnikova

Although Sherlock Holmes isn’t real, his insights into the human mind do more to teach us about how we do think and how we should think than many conventional sources. Maria Konnikova, author of the recently published book How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes tells us what we can all learn from “the world’s only […]

Makes good scents by Penny Price

A world-leading aromatherapy association is making it easier for serious enthusiasts and those wanting a career in the field to join. Penny Price lets us know the perks. The International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists has launched an online service, allowing health enthusiasts to become non-practising members. Professional practitioners and students can also use the online […]

Tarot – giving you the edge in business by Anne Jirsch

Tarot readings may conjure up images of old ladies in veils surrounded by candles, velvet and crystal balls, but Anne Jirsch, who has been a tarot consultant for over 28 years, reckons it can be used in a practical fashion as well.   I had my first tarot reading over 40 years ago. A friend […]