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A woman of many facets – Kristen White

The Best You would like to welcome Kristen White, American media personality and host of The Ripple Effect, as a regular columnist. But before we dive right into her opinions, we thought we’d introduce you to her and get to know her a bit.   Kristen White defines herself as life coach, media coach, author, […]

Modern Family by The Best You

  Perceptions of the family unit have changed a lot since the nuclear family heyday of the 1950s, and the transition is giving us something far more interesting. The Best You investigates some of the modern family archetypes.     “When I was younger, like most kids from interracial and / or gay adoptions, I […]

6 Ways to Overcome Jealousy by Therese Borchard

  The fastest way to despair is by comparing one’s insides with another’s outsides. Therese Borchard, author of Beyond Blue: Surviving Depression & Anxiety, gives us some tips on overcoming that nasty habit.   As Max Ehrmann, author of the classic poem “Desiderata”, said, “comparing yourself with others will make you either vain or bitter.” […]