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7 Little Letters That Spell Emotional Independence by Gillian Jones

Becoming confident and improving your self-esteem can be a scary task. Gillian Jones, co-founder of Emerge Development Consultancy, gives us some advice on how to overcome the fear and do it anyway.   I have coached many people over the years whose irrational fears continuously aggravate their low self-esteem issues and stop them from achieving […]

She’s still standing by Mel Carnegie

We are delighted to welcome new author Mel Carnegie as a regular contributor to The Best You. We asked her a few questions for her first appearance, so you can get to know all about her!   The Best You: Mel, tell us a little about who you are and how you came to join […]

Out of the darkness, came the light by Sophia Husbands

  Bad news is inevitable, whether it is from the TV and newspapers, or in a personal capacity. Wellbeing blogger, Sophia Husbands, gives us some advice about turning bad news into life lessons. The way in which we react to news tells us a lot about our characters. People don’t like to receive bad news […]