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Live Your Dreams by Christine Meerman-Cooper

    Self-belief is an extraordinary thing. Christine Meerman-Cooper believes that, with the right motivation, attitude and support, anything is possible. Earlier this year she took on the hardest challenge of her life – a 12-day Arctic expedition into the Brooks Range, Alaska.   As a child I dreamt of visiting Alaska one day. That […]

F*** Diets by Susan Hepburn

    Forget the ‘D’ word, says Susan Hepburn. They don’t work, and yo-yo dieting is harmful to the body: it puts a strain on the heart and disrupts the metabolism, which actually makes it harder to lose weight.   Wouldn’t it be great to have no more guilty feelings about the food you eat? […]

We have: A big problem

    New research from an online pharmacy specialising in weight-loss supplements suggests that the average Briton is 5lbs heavier than they were this time last year, with “stressful schedules” and “new relationships” being listed as the key reasons behind the weight gain.   A new study has exposed the main factors behind the UK’s […]

What lies beneath by Alice Mackintosh

  The desire for good skin drives men and women everywhere to spend thousands on beauty products that promise all manner of results from deep exfoliation to intense moisturisation, cellular regeneration, and surface renewal. Alice Mackintosh from The Food Doctor takes a deeper look.   The skin-care market is estimated to be worth £2.1 billion […]