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Looking Backward To Go Forward by Matt Wingett

  As the New Year comes in, we naturally make plans for the coming 12 months. There can be exciting things ahead – but now might also be time to do the New Year’s stocktake. Matt Wingett reports …   Whether you wake up on New Year’s Day 2013 bright-eyed or hungover, I can guarantee […]

Get Your Mojo Working – 5 Ways To Build Motivation by The Best You

  Whether it’s getting that fantastic idea to come to fruition, or just getting over that feeling of the blues at work, the one ingredient everyone needs is Motivation. So, how do you light that fire? Maybe a few days’ holiday will make you realise what really makes you shine. or maybe you need to […]

Your Most Enjoyable Year Yet – by Michael Neill

  Since 1994, I have begun each year by going through a wonderful process developed by Jinny Ditzler called your Best year yet. I would review my achievements and failures from the year before, look for any limiting beliefs that might be holding me back, check in with my values and set my goals for […]

When Motion Creates Emotion

  “Just a few years ago I’d never heard of Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Zig Zigler, NLP, and had no idea that Barnes & Noble had the entire section dedicated to “self help and personal development”. But in 2007 my whole world turned upside down… “Back then we were expecting our first child. I was […]