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Blake Mycoskie A Goal of Giving Back

 “We are all human beings and I believe that we all should have equal rights” Early life for Blake Mycoskie included much of that of any other kid: school and sports. But Mycoskie, born in Texas in 1976, quickly developed an intuitive business sense that set him apart. He attended Southern Methodist University in Texas […]

Arthur Blank The Blueprint to Success

“Passion and standing up for things can help create a sense of unity” Arthur Blank was born into a modest household in Queens, New York in 1942. After graduating high school, he stepped on the life accelerator and finished college in three years. His father’s pharmaceutical business was bought out in the late 1960s. Blank […]

Becoming a coach by Jamelle Sanders

Many of us dream of giving up our day job to pursue the dream of becoming a personal development coach. Jamelle Sanders shares his experience of doing so  As I look back on my personal journey as a life coach and entrepreneur, I learned many lessons that I wish I could have anticipated when I […]

TIPS FOR Buying a retirement home for yourself

A parent or grandparent is a specific type of investment. Deborah Stone highlights the things to look out for  What is retirement housing?  Most retirement housing is available to people over the age of 60 and is sold on a leasehold basis. This means there should be a long lease on the property with a […]

Sisters do it for themselves by Lynn Kitchen

The world of business for women isn’t a fair one.  Lynn Kitchen, one of the Four Dames, is creating a space for women to thrive in business It was a lovely summer’s day on the deck of the Queen Mary in Los Angeles harbour where the Four Dames were hosting a day-long seminar for businesswomen in […]