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Working together for A Better World

Working together for A Better World

Our shared vision for for improving society and positively impacting the world At The Best You we are passionate about the business of professional, personal, financial, spiritual, mental and physical self-improvement. Supporting, guiding and encouraging people to live their best lives is what we love doing – and we’re very good at it. However, personal […]

Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital

The world-renowned care facility and research institute is a lifeline for many Great Ormond Street Hospital is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals and research centres, caring for seriously ill children and teenagers, as well as their families. Many Great Ormond Street Hospital patients face life-threatening diseases and have spent the majority of their […]

Plastic Oceans

Plastic Oceans

Working together to change attitudes around what ends up in our seas More than 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every day. Many end up in our oceans, where they can take up to 100 years to biodegrade. Plastic Oceans is a non-profit organisation working to raise awareness about the plastics and other pollutants […]


Slavery Ends Here - a21

Eradicating human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare “Our legacy is freedom,” is the mission statement of A21, a non-profit organisation fighting to abolish slavery everywhere, forever. The Best You: A Better World is proud to partner with A21 to highlight their dedication to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation worldwide. There is no single […]

18 Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

17 Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

Fast-track your way to feeling better with these simple tricks Life is busy, messy, and filled with unexpected surprises, but with a little bit of science and a sprinkling of ingenuity, these quick and easy health hacks can increase wellbeing, boost energy levels and make you feel healthier every day. 1. Train your posture: This […]

Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Embrace ‘lagom’, the Swedish philosophy for ‘just the right amount’ Last year, you couldn’t walk into a bookshop or flick through Instagram without seeing the Danish word ‘hygge’, a state which roughly translates as ‘cosiness’, which is praised for improving wellbeing. Now, the latest Scandi lifestyle aspiration is ‘lagom’ (pronounced to rhyme with bar-gom), which […]

Brand Power

Brand Power

Comedian, presenter, movie star and writer Russell Brand on breaking with the past to embrace your best life Thanks to his inimitable speaking style, Russell Brand has long been a magnetic presenter, on both TV and radio. Nevertheless, Brand is the first to admit that up until recently his ego was allowed to run riot […]

Being a Leader

Being a Leader

Serial entrepreneur, turnaround expert and CEO of four successful brands, Kevin Gaskell explores the power of good leadership If you’re going to lead this change, we need to agree on what a leader is. Warren Bennis invented the study of leadership in companies in the 1950s, and he had strong views on what leaders are, […]

The Best Medical Apps

Good News - The Video Doctor

In a world where you can rely on your smartphone for everything, you may as well use it to take care of your wellbeing FIGURE 1 This app allows you to discuss real medical cases with over 500,000 healthcare professionals worldwide. POCKET DR This evidence-based medical app provides succinct treatment options, advice about medication, and […]

Can technology cure heartbreak?

The Best Healthy

Lovesickness can be even harder in the digital age, but now tech can help Smartphones can be instruments of torture during difficult romantic times, but there’s a host of new apps that promise to help people move on. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind here we come…. Rx Breakup This app offers simple, effective 30-day […]

The key to measuring success

Success is one of life’s greatest motivations. The more successful and accomplished we feel, the more we strive for it. But how successful you feel, and how long you retain the feeling, depends on how you measure it. My work helping business leaders achieve success faster and easier has shown that many adopt for their […]

July – August 2017

The Best You Magazine July August 2017

In our Wellness special issue we look at the journey Gwyneth Paltrow has taken from Oscar winning actress to global brand leader. Plus, Marie Diamond, the star of the worldwide phenomenon The Secret, explains the power of Feng Shui, and we reveal the best wellness getaways around the globe. Enjoy!

The Best Yoga For You

The Best Yoga For You

The Best Yoga For You From boosting your gut health to anti-anxiety flow, choose the best postures to make you feel good The benefits of yoga extend much farther than flexibility and looking good in leggings. A new wave of yoga classes is aimed at treating everything from IBS to insomnia, with studios offering classes […]

How Coaching Can Transform Your Life

My Expo Diary - Francesca

How Coaching Can Transform Your Life Life coach Francesca Meloni wants to help you find a sense of purpose to create the best life for you Before I became a certified coach I had changed careers twice, and left my home country, family and friends in order to find my heart’s desire. Although I couldn’t […]

Space for Giants

Space For Giants

Space for Giants Campaigns to stop the slaughter of Africa’s elephants are gaining ground. Space for Giants warns: don’t stop yet One third of the elephants in Africa were killed for their tusks in just three years, leaving only 400,000 of the large mammal throughout the continent. The illegal ivory trade is an epidemic, and […]

Inspirational People

Good News

Good News Forget fake news and political mudslinging, it’s time for some positive stories about improving our world [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”18445″][vc_column_text] Shamash Alidina, Rosa Connor and Victoria Johnson Sat-nav supremos TOMTOM has released its first fitness tracker — the TOMTOM Touch can calculate the muscle mass and body fat percentage of the wearer, spurring you […]

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Gwyneth Paltrow

The Accidental Entrepreneur Over the last 12 years, Gwyneth Paltrow pioneered a new phenomenon: direct celebrity merchandising. The Best You explores exactly how it happened If ever there was an example of the power of brand, it is the story of Gwyneth Paltrow’s business, Goop. Gwyneth didn’t need to launch a business, as she already […]

Deepak Chopra – All-New Ancient Wisdom?

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra – All-New Ancient Wisdom? As one of the most prominent figures in the worlds of alternative medicine and wellness, Deepak has nurtured an incredible career. informed by ancient Indian traditions Let’s start with the mind-bending stuff. At the heart of Deepak Chopra’s thinking are ancient Vedic ideas combined with modern concepts about quantum […]

Diamond Star

Marie Diamond

Diamond Star The Best You’s Bernardo Moya meets Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Leader and a world-leading Feng Shui Master With Belgium as her birthplace and France as her home, Marie Diamond may be a woman of the West, but she takes huge inspiration from the East. Her expertise ranges from Feng Shui and Dowsing to […]

Book Club

Book Club May June

Book Club The Best You’s top reads The Hidden School By Dan Millman In the long-awaited conclusion to the international bestselling Peaceful Warrior saga, Dan Millman takes readers on an epic spiritual quest across the world as he searches for the link between everyday life and transcendent possibility. Dan moves from Honolulu to the Mojave […]

Inspiratinal Stories

Jeff Bezos

Life Beyond Amazon Technology entrepreneur Jeff Bezos isn’t retiring with his amazon.com millions – he’s a philanthropist looking for the next challenge As one of tech’s most successful executives – with a net worth of over £70 billion – you might think the biggest question Jeff Bezos ever has to ask is ‘where shall I […]

The best wellness holidays

The Best Wellness Holidays

Whether you want to take care of your body, soothe your mind, or just indulge in some relaxation, you’ll find the perfect break amongst these Great Britain The Orange Tree Introductory meditation weekends at Buddhist retreats get booked out well ahead, a great alternative is The Orange Tree in the heart of the North York […]

Forensic Wellness

Forensic Wellness

Forensic Wellness Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach to healthy living, experts say we each need to find the balance that works best for us What does wellness mean to you? It is defined as an active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It means more than being […]

All in the Mind

All In The Mind

All in the Mind Self-hypnosis can help you achieve goals, and it can also prepare mums-to-be for a confident birth. Robyn Cowling explains her joyful and profoundly connective experience I heard people mention about hypnobirthing, but hadn’t paid it much heed until I became pregnant last year. I didn’t really know what was involved, and […]

Liz Earle: “My mantra is build it slow to build it strong”

Liz Earle

Liz Earle: “My mantra is build it slow to build it strong” With over two decades of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, Liz Earle is an expert on creating brand longevity Back in 1995, Liz Earle founded her eponymous company with friend Kim Buckland to offer affordable beauty products with first-class customer service. […]

The Pickling Phenomenon

The Pickling Phenomenon

The Pickling Phenomenon How fermented foods became a wellness industry worth millions These days you’re not serious about your health unless you’ve got a bowl of fermenting goodness in your fridge. Whether it’s kimchi, sauerkraut, yoghurt or pickles, fermented foods contain probiotics, which are live bacteria that support digestion and contribute to a healthy gut. […]

The best ways to have a digital detox

The Best Ways To Have A Digital Detox

The best ways to have a digital detox Is that the answer to true wellness? The average person checks their phone 200 times a day – that’s once every six and a half minutes. Our lives are full of screens; We wake up to them, we come home to them, and we carry them around […]

Apps To Help Improve Wellness

The Best Healthy

Apps To Help Improve Wellness From tracking your moods to keeping your body moving, your smartphone can be a great tool for taking care of yourself and maintaining healthy routines Perspective [IOS ONLY] Countless scientific studies have discovered many wide-ranging benefits to keeping a diary, including increased mindfulness, stress reduction, and strengthened emotional intelligence and […]

May – June 2017

The Best You Magazine May June 2017

In our Summer Health Special this month we explore how Beyonce has overcome depression and darkness to make it to the top, plus we reveal how Joe Wicks  AKA The Body Coach found global fame and hypnotherapist Malminder Gill explains how the power of your mind can get you the body you want.

Calmer, Happier, More Blissful

Calmer Happier More Blissful - Inner You

Calmer, Happier, More Blissful The Best You’s Emma Ledger explores how Transcendental Meditation is helping a growing number of people live a more connected, positive life To be a human living in the modern age is to be anxious, tired and distracted. We read articles on our smartphones about how we’re all slaves to our […]

Let’s get our Heads Together to change the conversation about mental health

We Support

Let’s get our Heads Together to change the conversation about mental health How the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry are spearheading a campaign to end the stigma Mental health has never been higher on the news agenda, and that is partly thanks to the work of our future King, Prince William, the […]

Simple Practices For More Calm

Simple Practices For More Calm - Inner You

Simple Practices For More Calm Ashley Davis Bush offers exercises to help find inner peace each day If you are going through turmoil, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, there is no quick fix to getting back on your feet. Or is there? Although life hacks and inner peace may seem like polar opposites, there are simple […]

Good News

Good News - The Video Doctor

Good News Bringing you positive stories from around the globe Workplaces compete to get fit Count.It is a workplace wellness challenge that links any fitness wearable or app, allowing teams in different offices to count all activity towards their monthly tally. This way of ‘gamifying’ exercise among colleagues by adding the competitive edge creates a […]

Beyoncé: “We have to take the time to focus on our mental health


Beyoncé: “We have to take the time to focus on our mental health A combination of spirituality and family support has seen superstar Beyoncé Knowles-Carter through her dark days With a back catalogue of chart-topping hits, 22 Grammy Awards (and counting), hugely successful acting roles, fashion lines, sponsorship deals, philanthropic interests and a brand worth […]

Joe Wicks’ Recipe For Wellbeing

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks’ Recipe For Wellbeing The Body Coach is on a mission to rescue people from the “awful” dieting industry In just three short years Joe Wicks, a.k.a. The Body Coach, has gone from being a little known online nutrition coach to the author of a bestselling recipe book that has transformed the lives of […]

Don’t Compare and Despair

Don’t Compare and Despair

Don’t Compare and Despair Do you endlessly look at how your life measures up to others? Christine Fieldhouse tells you how to stop comparing We have all been there; feeling quite happy with our lot until we check Facebook and see a friend has landed our dream job, while another is on holiday in the […]

Good Mood Food

Good Mood Food

Good Mood Food Author and mental health activist Rachel Kelly explains that what we eat impacts our mental health A recent Office for National Statistics report found that a quarter of young women in the UK have suffered from anxiety and depression, and suicide is still the biggest killer of men under the age of […]

Iron-Rich Steak Salad

Iron Rich Steak Salad - The Happy Kitchen

Iron-Rich Steak Salad From The Happy Kitchen by Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh Short Books £14.99 paperback Alice used to find it quite hard to cook steak, but this method (inspired by Nigella Lawson) keeps it deliciously tender. The marriage between the iron-rich steaks, the colourful salad, the zingy horseradish, and the creamy feta cheese […]

Book Club

Book Club May June

Book Club The Best You’s top reads The Mind Workout By Mark Freeman This is the debut book from Mark, a ‘mental fitness trainer’ based in Toronto. Mark made his name as a motivational public speaker, specialising in facilitating successful strategy workshops for leading company executives. However after recovering from mental illness difficulties, Mark decided […]

Changing To Stay Alive

Johann Ilgenfritz

Changing To Stay Alive Johann Ilgenfritz reveals how he beat cancer by overhauling his life I’d been working as a fashion photographer for 20 years when, at the age of 46, I had a heart attack on the tennis court. Then a few months later, in June 2011, I was diagnosed with cancer. This was […]

The Courage Conundrum

Rachael Alexander - Courage Queen

The Courage Conundrum Self-proclaimed “Courage Queen” Rachael Alexander explains how to overcome fear and seize life Jane walks into a networking event, her heart is beating fast and she wishes she was anywhere other than facing a room full of strangers. Mike has to have a difficult conversation with a defensive staff member who has […]

Taking The Time To Savour

Taking The Time To Savour

Taking The Time To Savour A weekend of slow exploration in Bruges means you return home feeling healthy and revitalised The pace of any holiday often depends on its duration. If it’s a weekend mini break, your packed itinerary might have you charging around a city. Whereas on a longer trip you can afford to […]

Eat, Drink and Live Longer

Eat Drink And Live Longer

Eat, Drink and Live Longer The latest diet trend isn’t about deprivation – it’s learning which foods help you to live better We are surrounded by diet fads, from counting calories and eating nothing but cabbage soup to trying foods of just one colour and even living off baby purees. Most are of these diets […]

The Journey to Better Health

Hypnotherapist in London Harley Street

The Journey to Better Health There’s no reason you can’t be who you want says Hypnotherapist and NLP Master Coach Malminder Gill When it comes to sticking to healthy habits, often our best laid plans go awry. From super-sized portions and increased snacking, to cutting back on keep-fit and total workout burnout, it is all […]

Jessica Alba – The Honest Woman

Jessica Alba – The Honest Woman

Jessica Alba – The Honest Woman She had the Hollywood career and the perfect family, but entrepreneur Jessica wanted to make a real difference In five short, years actress Jessica Alba has grown her business Honest from a startup to a company worth over £1 billion thanks to a combination of smart product and an […]

Good Gadgets

Good Gadgets

Good Gadgets Innovative tech toys and tools to help make life that little bit better [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_single_image image=”18361″][vc_column_text] TOMTOM Touch Sat-nav supremos TOMTOM has released its first fitness tracker — the TOMTOM Touch can calculate the muscle mass and body fat percentage of the wearer, spurring you on to challenge yourself further. It also monitors […]

The Best Healthy Living Podcasts

The Best Healthy

The Best Healthy Living Podcasts These serve up support, inspiration and new ways of learning – and all you have to do is push ‘play’ The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips Listen If: Any food-related news makes your eyes glaze over Drowning in a sea of confusing nutrition information? Let Monica Reinagel, a nutritionist […]

The Best You Awards 2017

The Best You Awards 2017

The Best You Awards 2017 Celebrating the most talented individuals and organisations shaping the world of personal development The inaugural The Best You Gala and Awards Dinner took place on Saturday 4 March at London’s historic Banking Hall. It marked the end of the hugely successful first day of The Best You EXPO, and saw […]

Wow! What a Weekend!

Wow What a Weekend

THE BEST YOU EXPO 2017 WAS OUR BIGGEST EVER. HERE’S A LOOK AT THE WEEKEND’S HIGHLIGHTS This March, The Best You took over London’s ExCeL Centre with a two-day personal development extravaganza. It featured over 120 talks by leaders in the field, among them self-made millionaire and star of Dragons’ Den Hilary Devey, lifestyle coach […]

Book Club

The Best You’s selection of must-reads or The Best You’s top reads or The Best You’s suggested reads   Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan by Jason Vale Called “The most effective juice diet in the world” by Hello! magazine, Jason Vale’s 28-day plan has been specifically designed for those who need to lose a […]

How to Be Financially Free Without Working Harder

How to Be Financially Free - Sandy C. Newbigging

How to Be Financially Free Without Working Harder Too good to be true? Not according to Sandy C. Newbigging, author of Calm Cure Money – the root of all kinds of evil, or a route to enlightenment and personal freedom? With the right attitude and relationship with money, I believe it is the latter. If […]

The Best Wellbeing Apps

The Best Wellbeing Apps

The Best Wellbeing Apps Transform your smartphone from a time waster to a mood enhancer Five Ways to Wellbeing This app offers practical methods to improve your mood and your ability to cope with life’s trickier times. In addition to asking for regular reflection about your wellbeing in the same way an online diary would, […]

The Happy List 2017

The Happy List

The Happy List 2017 Nominations are now open to find 50 outstanding unsung heroes and heroines who enrich the lives of others in Britain In a world awash with negativity and fake news, it is time to tell the stories that truly deserve to be told. The Independent newspaper has opened nominations for its selection […]

Sharon Lechter: “The Best You Expo Offers An Opportunity For Great Business Growth”

Sharon Lechter - Gala Awards

Sharon Lechter: “THE Best You Expo Offers An Opportunity For Great Business Growth” Winner Of The Best You Lifetime Achievement Award Talks About Her Lifelong Dedication To Financial Education Business mentor, international speaker, entrepreneur and author, Sharon Lechter, began her appearance at the Best You EXPO this year by making something very clear to the […]

The Spark Of Inspiration

Bernardo Moya - Gala Awards

The Spark Of Inspiration Chief Inspiration Officer of The Best You, Bernardo Moya,explains why we must ask ourselves the right questions Chief Inspiration Officer of The Best You, Bernardo Moya, explains why we must ask ourselves the right questions 22 THE BEST YOU MAGAZINEBernardo Moya is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher, TV producer and seminar promoter […]

I’m a total geek when it comes to personal development

My Expo Diary - Sara Davison

I’m a total geek when it comes to personal development Sara Davison’s Break-Up Recovery Retreats give people the tools they need to better cope with break-ups, deal with their negative emotions and move on with confidence. Sara enjoyed sharing her knowledge at this year’s EXPO: There are so many people going through difficult breakups and […]

The Best You EXPO has such a huge reach

My Expo Diary - Smita Joshi

The Best You EXPO has such a huge reach This year was author, coach and yogi Smita Joshi’s first time at the EXPO, but it will not be her last. Here’s what Smita had to say about her experience: The biggest thing for any of us working in the personal development industry is to find […]

A chance to have truly meaningful conversations with interested people

My Expo Diary - Francesca

A chance to have truly meaningful conversations with interested people The work of life coach and NLP practitioner, Francesca Meloni, has had a single focus: to help people realise the potential within themselves by working on their mindset and limiting beliefs. Francesca shares her experiences from the EXPO: It doesn’t matter whether you are struggling […]

Good News

Good News

Good News Bringing you positive stories from around the globe Rotterdam-based Studio Roosegaarde has created the world’s largest smog vacuum cleaner that creates bubbles of clean air and turns them into jewellery. Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and his team of experts made The Smog Free Tower using patented ion technology to produce smog-free air in […]

Jason Vale On The Elixir Of Life

Jason Vale On The Elixir Of Life

Jason Vale On The Elixir Of Life Our Guru of The Year on why his passion shows no signs of waning At The Best You’s inaugural Gala and Awards Dinner earlier this year, Jason ‘The Juice Master’ Vale was named Guru of the Year for his contributions to the fields of health, fitness and wellbeing. […]

Meet Your Future Brain

Meet Your Future Brain

Meet Your Future Brain Doctor Jenny Brockis reveals the secrets to making your grey matter perform better Nominated for the 2017 Best Personal Development Author Award at The Best You Awards, Dr. Jenny Brockis is an internationally celebrated expert in brain fitness. After years working in hospitals, the self-described ‘future-mind planner’ decided to pursue post-graduate […]

Set Up For Summer

Set Up For Summer

Set Up For Summer The best UK weekend breaks to rejuvenate and energise   Witherdens Hall From the organic eggs left on the doorstep of your cosy cottage to the world-class Reiki and massage treatments, at Witherdens Hall every detail has been taken care of to perfection. This mindfulness-based retreat, in the stunning Kent countryside […]

The Best UK Festivals

The Best UK Festivals

The Best UK Festivals It’s boom time for British summer festivals. Here’s our guide to the very best of the UK’s tickets Summer may be an ideal time for lounging about in the sun and at the beach, but it is also the best time to explore new ideas and invest in your personal development. […]

January – February 2017

Cover January - February 2017

In the new issue of The Best You Magazine Baroness Michelle Mone exclusively reveals the secrets to realising your dreams and building an international business from scratch. Our 2017 Expo is your chance to hear inspirational talks, take part in empowering seminars and meet like-minded people. It’s just around the corner, but there’s still time […]

Fighting To The Top

From working class single mum to self-made millionaire and member of the House of Lords, Michelle Mone tells Bernardo Moya her inspirational story Michelle Mone was born in the deprived East End of Glasgow in 1971, where life was not easy and where many are trapped in poverty for their whole lives. That could easily […]


We’re all searching for answers. Barbara and Allan Pease share all of the tips for how to discover what you want from life then make it happen You are about to learn about a remarkable system we each have in our brains – the Reticular Activating System or RAS Have you ever noticed that once […]

Good News

Insurance that does good January insurance renewals are part of life, but there is an alternative to battling price hikes. Lemonade is a peer-to-peer insurance provider that donates unclaimed money to charities chosen by its members. So while it protects your stuff just like any other provider, it reverses the traditional insurance model by treating […]

Wealth and Riches

Pasion Planer Logo

The true meaning of success is following Entrepreneur Angelia “Angel” Trinidad knew she wasn’t the only one to love putting pen to paper. She turned that love into a business idea with her bestselling journal the Passion Planner. Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. Learn how it can take your work […]

Apps that do good

Apps That Do Good Logo

Budge This clever app capitalises on our love of engaging in challenges with our friends, and leverages that into an opportunity to give back to social causes. Whether it’s challenging your friend to a simple game of chess or towards reaching a certain health goal, the person who ends up failing the challenge must make […]

21st Century Living

21th Century Living

Tuned in and switched on The Podcasts and Apps you need in your life. The vloggers making a difference and helping you get the most of screen time. Motivational quotes to help you through hectic modern life in The Last Word.

Give your creative goals a kick start

Kick Starter Logo

Kickstarter is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, helping millions of people to make their dream a reality and live a truly rich life Have you got an idea that you just keep returning to but never seem to do anything about? Perhaps it’s a little niggle, thinking that you could create something […]

The life coach that fits in your bag

In our digital world, there’s still a place for paper notebooks. As Entrepreneur Angelia “Angel” Trinidad’s Passion Planners prove There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper. We might spend half out lives glued to screens, but when it comes to getting creative – whether it’s artwork, short stories, poems or personal thoughts – paper […]

The No-Diet New Year by Holly Bell

Former Great British Bake Off star Holly Bell says January isn’t a time to deny yourself – it’s a time to load up on hearty, nutritious food Here we go again. It’s January and the house is finally free of tinsel and pine needles. There’s a vague memory of a never ending turkey and ill-advised […]

Feel and Look Good

Feel and Look Good

Strength from the inside out A new year might herald a ‘new you’, but that doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself. Foodie Holly Bell introduces her ‘no-diet’ approach. Have you tried ‘if it fits’ eating and mindful movements? These are just two of the biggest fitness trends of 2017. The calming practice of yoga can […]

The UK’s Best Retreats

Energise your body and soul with a stay at one of the finest sanctuaries Britain has to offer 1. Sharpham House We all know learning to live in the moment can give you renewed energy and clarity, but it can be hard to do when you live life in the fast lane. This mindfulness retreat […]

Inspirational Vloggers


The best makers of personal development videos inspire millions of people around the world through their motivational vlogs Ruba Zai This 22-year-old Arab girl living in the Netherlands has a fervent passion for all things fashion and beauty – but that’s not the interesting part. In addition to the more typical videos you’d see on […]

How to Build an Authentic Personal Brand

Learn how to build brand kudos and position yourself as the leader in your field from publicist to the stars Jessica Huie MBE Before we get into it, I’m going to shatter the idea of a personal brand as an outfit you put on to display to the outside world. An outfit which is always […]

Yoga, mental health, and well being

London based Yogi Lucy Lyus explains why yoga can unlock the secret of self -knowledge and calmness What does good health mean to you? Perhaps being free from disease, or being able to run without getting too out of breath, or eating a balanced diet. These things are certainly important when it comes to good […]

Brotherly luck: The 7 factors that led to Olympic Gold

Alistair and Jonny Brownlee won two golds, a silver and bronze in two successive Olympics and are the acknowledged as the foremost athletes in the discipline. The Best You discovers how their childhood gave them the perfect ground in which to grow into world-leading triathletes Sometimes when we’re trying to understand how Olympic Greats came […]

New year, new fitness trends

From ‘it fit fits’ eating to mindful exercise, experts reveal the healthy trends to look out for 2017 In the fitness world, strong is the new skinny. The focus now isn’t on losing inches, it’s on gaining strength, power, and performance. Here are the healthy trends to look out for in the year ahead toleave […]

November-December 2016

Cover November December 2016

In the new issue of The Best You we explore how actor Tom Hanks went from humble beginnings to international fame, and former Dragon’s Den star Hilary Devey reveals the drive and determination it took to create a multi million pound business from scratch. Speaker and coach Paul McGee explains how to talk so that […]

September-October 2016

Cover September / October 2016

Autumn is in the air, and to celebrate the changing season we’ve refreshed the design and content of The Best You to make it better than ever. In the new-look bumper issue we profile two of the world’s greatest Olympic athletes, Michael Phelps and Mo Farah. We also meet the team who believe your city […]

Practical Techniques to Develop Self Improvement and Change Your Life

The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, many of us have lost sight of exactly what it means. The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, […]

7 Steps to transform your life and build a business by Steve Consalvez

Steve Consalvez explains how firewalking could help you achieve your life goals in seven easy steps Step #1: Know what you want Most people have a general idea of what they want, but a great many more of what they don’t want. They say, “I just need to get out of here and get a new […]

Rocky Road to Success: Sean Combs Making – Records and breaking records

Sean Combs was born in a low-income housing project in New York City’s Harlem district. His father was murdered after being associated with drug-related crime in the city. Raised by his mother, he grew into a teenager that cherished athletics as a way to channel his energy and anger; indeed he played football throughout high […]

Rocky Road to Success: Janis Joplin – Singing for her soul

One would not expect an icon of the 1960s west coast rock and roll counter culture movement to hail from a small southeast Texas port city, but that is where Janis Joplin was born and raised. Her father was an oil engineer, and it seemed to be an idyllic southern life for a church-going couple […]

Rocky Road to Success: Fred Smith – Betting on Himself

Fred Smith’s father also had a keen interest for ways to create business when it came to the basic needs of people; in his case he founded a passenger bus company. But Smith’s father died when he was just four years old, and Smith himself was infirmed for much of his early years with a […]

Rocky Road to Success: Dolly Parton – A life-long song

Dolly Parton was born in rural Tennessee in 1946. She was brought up in the rustic Smoky Mountains in a cabin that was really one large room. Parton’s parents did what they could to keep her and her siblings clothed and under a roof; indeed they were known for trading for goods and services because […]

Beating Diabetes by Dr Sarah Myhill

A new book by Dr Sarah Myhill examines the harmful effects of sugar on the modern diet For decades, dietary advice for diabetics has concentrated on alleviating immediate symptoms rather than addressing the underlying disease mechanisms. This has led to a culture of managed decline for diabetics, resulting in multiple illness complications and an early […]

Feeling adventurous by Alastair Humphreys

In 2001, Alastair Humphreys set out to cycle around the world. Today he wants each of us to find the big adventure inside of us, and achieve it! Throughout history, adventurers have dared to be different, explored parts of the world that most of us will never see, stretching their levels of endurance and realising […]

Crack Your Lady Code by Lisa Lister

Lisa Lister believes a woman’s menstrual cycle has the power to reveal superpowers that can be used to enhance relationships, build businesses, improve our sex lives and get the most from every month It’s not uncommon for many women to have days when they feel on top of the world, days when they could do […]

Telling Beauty’s story by Rita Edah

For abuse survivor Rita Edah, writing her first novel helped her recover her life and move forward   Beauty’s Story is bigger than me. That is why I am able to tell it.  Even now, I recall the tears rolling down my cheeks as I typed the very first lines for the very first time: […]

Hill of gold – Jessica Ennis-Hill

She is currently preparing for her latest challenge – defending her title at the Rio Olympics this summer, after victory in the 2015 World Athletic Championships. The Best You looks at the power and the glory that is Jessica Ennis-Hill If Jessica Ennis-Hill wins a medal at the upcoming Rio Olympics, she will be only the […]

Feel-Good Food By Kirsten Hartvig

Acclaimed nutritionist Kirsten Hartvig says berries and spices have the power to heal and improve our wellbeing You are what you eat is a saying that has been with us for centuries, and so it makes absolute sense that eating naturally and seeking goodness from simple, unprocessed foodstuffs is the right way to ensure our […]

Against all odds – Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr is a man who has succeeded as an actor, despite being blessed with talent, parents in the business, natural charm and a photographic memory. It sounds like a paradox, but The Best You explains why, in his case, it is not Chaos is probably the best word to describe the early years of Robert […]

Are you earthed? by Patrick Holford

Connection with the world around us could be key to improving our health and wellbeing, says Patrick Holford How well connected are you to the Earth and your body’s needs? When we surveyed the habits and beliefs of the super healthy in my 100 per cent Health Survey online at patrickholford.com, which has involved more […]

What does it take to be a…Farmer? By Jimmy Doherty

Suffolk farmer Jimmy Doherty captured the nation’s imagination with his show, Jimmy’s Farm, sharing the world of his family-owned Essex Pig Company. This month, he opens the gates for Jimmy’s Harvest Festival of Sausages and Beer on 23-24 July. We chatted with him about life on the land   What’s the story behind the Festival […]

Top 6 Festivals with a difference by The Best You

1. Darwin Beer Can Regatta, 17 July, Darwin, Australia Now here’s a festival with a difference. Launched down under in 1974, entrants to the Darwin Beer Can Regatta handcraft boats out of recycled beer cans before taking to the water to test their tin tubs’ buoyancy and stability. The locals call it ‘can-struction’ and we […]

10 ways to tell you’re being lied to by Darren Stanton

 The Human Lie Detector. He is one of the world’s leading body language experts, and is a master of uncovering deception. Here are his ten things to look out for to tell if someone is lying to you…   1. There’s no eye contact For the most part, people are uncomfortable when it comes to […]