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Five Free Tips to Becoming the Better Version of Yourself

No Limits

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”If you think better, you’ll feel better. If you feel better, you’ll do better.” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Here are five free tips to becoming the better version of yourself that can aid you in eliminating barriers that may be holding you back from achieving even greater business and personal success. These are just a few of the nearly […]

3 Tips For Better Communication by Rohan Weerasinghe

  Dr Ro has been speaking to audiences around the world for the past 20 years. He has covered subjects like personal and business development and training people on the power of communication and maximising sales. Through impactful communication he has helped generate sales into the tens of millions.   My observations have led me […]

Top Tips for Loving Life

  1. Give yourself permission to be happy – why not, it is your life? If people choose to be miserable around you there is no reason for you to join them. 2. Analyse what needs to happen to make you happy, write a list and do one of the things on it today. 3. […]

Tips to get linked in by Steven Burda

  Steven Burda’s claim to fame is being the most connected person on LinkedIn. With over 50,000 connections, the business-networking site is a large part of his life. Here he gives us some tips on how to get the most out of LinkedIn.   LinkedIn is great, but it’s also hard work. You need to […]

Eating Tips for Diabetics: What to Avoid and When You Can Indulge by DTS Buyers

When dealing with diabetes eating can help or hinder how you feel on a daily basis. While there are many foods that aren’t good for diabetics, there are also many healthy but tasty foods that are great for those dealing with diabetes. DTS Buyers advise people with diabetes to limit packaged and processed foods, when […]

TIPS FOR Buying a retirement home for yourself

A parent or grandparent is a specific type of investment. Deborah Stone highlights the things to look out for  What is retirement housing?  Most retirement housing is available to people over the age of 60 and is sold on a leasehold basis. This means there should be a long lease on the property with a […]

21 Productivity Tips by Robin Sharma

  Robin Sharma knows a thing or two about being productive. He wants to help you create explosive productivity so you get big things done. Here are his 21 top tips to increase your productivity dramatically.   Check email in the afternoon. This way you protect the peak energy hours of your mornings for your […]

15 tips to deal with criticism by Lori Deschene

  At the end of the day, when Lori Deschene feels completely exhausted, it often has nothing to do with all the things she has done. It’s not a consequence of juggling multiple responsibilities and projects. When she’s exhausted, you can be sure she’s bent over backward trying to win everyone’s approval.   I’ve obsessed […]

Weather The Storm: 6 Tips To Enable Smes To Flourish In Challenging Times

  Russell Ward is CEO of Silent Edge – a specialist in sales training and motivation gives 6 powerful tips on how to keep going in difficult times.   Even a cursory glance at the statistics would suggest that small and medium enterprises hold the key to guiding the UK out of recession. SMEs make […]

Value Added – Tips for Selling a Business, by Jo Haigh

  When a property doesn’t sell, an estate agent worth their fee may recommend that some rectification or improvement work could improve the selling chances. For instance, just because you like deep purple walls, this doesn’t appeal to everyone. There’s nothing like a nice coat of magnolia to improve that first impression! Likewise adding a […]

Negotiation tips from the playground by Jo Haigh

  I have spent most of my professional life negotiating one thing or other, be it the purchase or acquisition of a company, or the terms around a new financial lending instrument. I have attended a number of high profile training classes in negotiation skills in my career and even taught the odd group of […]

Ten tips to sharpen your decision-making by Mike Clayton

Ten tips to sharpen your decision-making for more robust choices The test of a ‘good’ decision cannot be the outcome – we would never know if a decision is a good one until it were too late. And that could easily lead to decision-making paralysis. Instead, consider a decision to be good if the right […]

8 top tips For You AND Your teens, part two

  Kate Benson continues her article on getting the best from the parent-teen relationship. In my last article I gave 4 tips each for both teens and parents to improve their relationship. These tips were: relax remember who’s who keep up, slow down stay connected and keep the freedom. It’s just a matter of making […]

8 Top Tips For You And Your Teens

  Kate Benson has years of coaching, mentoring and being a mother and grandmother. Her courses on parenting and teaching give her the opportunity to really address the fundamentals of the parent-child relationship. In Part One of her article on getting the best out of your family, she gives 8 immediately useful tips – 4 […]

10 tips to a Happy bride by Michelle Paradise.

  Michele Paradise has worked with 1000s of brides, giving them confidence and up-to-the-minute tips and techniques. An ex-fashion model, life-coach and hypnotherapist who was trained by Paul McKenna PhD, she is recognised as the world’s leading expert on coaching brides.  Always buy your wedding shoes in the afternoon or early evening when your […]

The Question

Book the question

Bernardo Moya, founder and editor of The Best You, on why the quality of your life depends on the questions you ask With over a decade of experience working with some the biggest names in the personal development industry, Bernardo Moya is uniquely positioned to bring together the wisdom that really can help change lives […]

Book Club

Book Club September October

THE QUESTION By Bernardo Moya Bringing together the best of what is thought and known from the world of self-help, The Question shows readers how to build a path toward greater wellbeing. Author Bernardo Moya, Founder and CIO of The Best You, believes that the quality of your life depends on the quality of the […]

10 Game-Changing Business Lessons From Motivational Books

10 Game-Changing Business Lessons From Motivational Books

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Bernardo Moya shares 10 business lessons he’s learnt from motivational books . ” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]1. Put the customer at the centre One of the most valuable business lessons from a self-help book comes early in Richard Bandler and John La Valle’s book on selling, Persuasion Engineering. It is quite simple to make the customer […]

Book Club

Book Club September October

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_custom_heading text=”SMART GIRLS SCREW UP TOO – THE NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO CREATING THE LIFE YOU WANT By Bella Zanesco” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]Zanesco is a career and life strategy expert and world champion athlete who works as a consultant to executives to improve their career performance. Google dubbed her the ‘best performance coach’ they’ve engaged. Zanesco argues […]

Book Club

Book Club

Breaking Mum and Dad: The Insider’s Guide to Parenting Anxiety By Anna Williamson This helpful, often humorous, and always honest guide, offers advice to help all new parents cope with anxiety, stress and low mood during those overwhelming fledgling parenting days. Anna Williamson is a television presenter, radio broadcaster, life coach, counsellor, Master NLP practitioner […]

Book Club

Book Club

Results at the Top: Using Gender Intelligence to Create Breakthrough Growth By Richard Nesbitt and Barbara Annis What if a company could gain a greater profit share of the market simply by promoting more women into senior management? Sounds like a no-brainer, yet despite nearly every study done over the past three decades proving companies […]

Beat the winter blues naturally

Beat the winter blues naturally

Clinical Aromatherapist Colleen Quinn explains how to help keep your spirits high with plant medicine Every new year brings with it a renewed sense of making life changes, hence why so many of us make resolutions we try to stick to. Yes many people deal with the same old friend each winter – a friend […]

5 Ways To Beating Stress And Anxiety

Karen Meager and John McLachlan, co-founders of Monkey Puzzle Training, share their tips for keeping healthy With Christmas looming, it’s with no surprise that many of us start to feel anxious as the pressure to ‘have a merry time’ mounts. Over two million people across the UK experience the ‘winter blues’, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. […]

The key to measuring success

Success is one of life’s greatest motivations. The more successful and accomplished we feel, the more we strive for it. But how successful you feel, and how long you retain the feeling, depends on how you measure it. My work helping business leaders achieve success faster and easier has shown that many adopt for their […]

The Best Yoga For You

The Best Yoga For You

The Best Yoga For You From boosting your gut health to anti-anxiety flow, choose the best postures to make you feel good The benefits of yoga extend much farther than flexibility and looking good in leggings. A new wave of yoga classes is aimed at treating everything from IBS to insomnia, with studios offering classes […]

Book Club

Book Club May June

Book Club The Best You’s top reads The Hidden School By Dan Millman In the long-awaited conclusion to the international bestselling Peaceful Warrior saga, Dan Millman takes readers on an epic spiritual quest across the world as he searches for the link between everyday life and transcendent possibility. Dan moves from Honolulu to the Mojave […]

The best ways to have a digital detox

The Best Ways To Have A Digital Detox

The best ways to have a digital detox Is that the answer to true wellness? The average person checks their phone 200 times a day – that’s once every six and a half minutes. Our lives are full of screens; We wake up to them, we come home to them, and we carry them around […]

Simple Practices For More Calm

Simple Practices For More Calm - Inner You

Simple Practices For More Calm Ashley Davis Bush offers exercises to help find inner peace each day If you are going through turmoil, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, there is no quick fix to getting back on your feet. Or is there? Although life hacks and inner peace may seem like polar opposites, there are simple […]

Joe Wicks’ Recipe For Wellbeing

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks’ Recipe For Wellbeing The Body Coach is on a mission to rescue people from the “awful” dieting industry In just three short years Joe Wicks, a.k.a. The Body Coach, has gone from being a little known online nutrition coach to the author of a bestselling recipe book that has transformed the lives of […]

Don’t Compare and Despair

Don’t Compare and Despair

Don’t Compare and Despair Do you endlessly look at how your life measures up to others? Christine Fieldhouse tells you how to stop comparing We have all been there; feeling quite happy with our lot until we check Facebook and see a friend has landed our dream job, while another is on holiday in the […]

The Best Healthy Living Podcasts

The Best Healthy

The Best Healthy Living Podcasts These serve up support, inspiration and new ways of learning – and all you have to do is push ‘play’ The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips Listen If: Any food-related news makes your eyes glaze over Drowning in a sea of confusing nutrition information? Let Monica Reinagel, a nutritionist […]

Wow! What a Weekend!

Wow What a Weekend

THE BEST YOU EXPO 2017 WAS OUR BIGGEST EVER. HERE’S A LOOK AT THE WEEKEND’S HIGHLIGHTS This March, The Best You took over London’s ExCeL Centre with a two-day personal development extravaganza. It featured over 120 talks by leaders in the field, among them self-made millionaire and star of Dragons’ Den Hilary Devey, lifestyle coach […]

How to believe in Love again (even when it seems hard to believe in)

Julia Keller logo

It’s not difficult to lose hope in Love these days of always something new around the corner, especially if it seems that Love keeps passing you by or just not working out as you hope. Ironically, the weeks around Valentine’s Day and Christmas are some of the most common for couples to break up. So […]


We’re all searching for answers. Barbara and Allan Pease share all of the tips for how to discover what you want from life then make it happen You are about to learn about a remarkable system we each have in our brains – the Reticular Activating System or RAS Have you ever noticed that once […]

November-December 2016

Cover November December 2016

In the new issue of The Best You we explore how actor Tom Hanks went from humble beginnings to international fame, and former Dragon’s Den star Hilary Devey reveals the drive and determination it took to create a multi million pound business from scratch. Speaker and coach Paul McGee explains how to talk so that […]

Do you wish you were less busy?

If you’re constantly flat out but never seem to complete your to-do list, it’s time to supercharge your productivity. Here are some top tips from the experts…   Do the worst job first If there’s something you’ve been putting off, make a concerted effort to get it done first thing, recommends business coach Arvind Devalia, […]

The Power of When

Michael Breus PhD explains why learning your best time to do everything could be the greatest life hack of all. Do you want a simple, straightforward life hack that requires little effort and gets you closer to happiness and success? Of course you do! This might sound like a promise waiting to be broken. It’s […]

Book Club

The Best You’s guide to the new reads you need in your life.   BRAVE NEW GIRL – How To Be Fearless By Lou Hamilton Rates of anxiety in under-30s has risen by 70% in the last 25 years and now 1 in 6 people are said to suffer some level of symptoms. Lou Hamilton […]

10 best ways to good night sleep

10 best ways to good night sleep You might not be able to control all of the factors that interfere with sleep, but you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep Feeling worn out? Getting your nightly eight hours is key to your body and mind functioning at their best – from keeping your appetite […]

Practical Techniques to Develop Self Improvement and Change Your Life

The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, many of us have lost sight of exactly what it means. The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, […]

Standing Out From The Crowd by Paul Boross

In my work as The Pitch Doctor, one of the most common questions that comes up is “How do I make myself memorable?” Visit ThePitchDoctor.tv   “Standing out from the crowd is actually one of the easiest things to do. Standing out for the right reasons is one of the most difficult.” Put yourself in someone […]

Rita Ora leads success at Migrant Woman event by The Best You

  Beauty, diversity and inspiration in abundance, with singer Rita Ora winning the Award for Renowned Female Achiever, The Best You reports from the Migrant Woman Conference and Awards 2016 More than 250 women and men filled the Millennium Gloucester Hotel for the second annual Migrant Woman Conference and Awards in late May. The one-day […]

Look and learn by Jez Rose

As a renowned behaviourist, Jez Rose wants us to turn off the auto response to channel the best from ourselves – the result, he says, could be extraordinary Self-parking cars, clothes with tech built in, multi-screening, all benefits of the digital age – or not? What if the tech that is designed to empower us […]

Be Twitter-Wise by Lon Safko

  Twitter, the 140-character social media phenomenon, has more than 646 million members who collectively generate more than 58 million tweets per day. It is considered one of the three most influential digital marketing platforms on earth. Lon Safko offers some advice on how to use it wisely.   If used in the right ways, […]

Hack your brain by Neil Pavitt

Did you realise you’re only in control of five per cent of your brain’s activity? That working less is more effective than endlessly sitting at your desk? And that chocolate is a proven stress-buster? Neil Pavitt is the man in the know   Life hacks are those nifty little insights that make everyday living easier, […]

Professionally Speaking by Susan Armstrong

Susan Armstrong shares shares her five tips for a powerful presentation   You cannot not communicate. Did you know that? And all communication is influence. Therefore, you cannot not influence. Like it or not, every day, all day you are influencing people as to what to think about you. Do they like you? Trust you? Find […]

The No-Nonsense Approach To Happiness And Success by Ailsa Frank

Experienced hypnotherapist and author Ailsa Frank shares five top tips from her book Cut the Crap and Feel Amazing to help you move ahead in life Early on in my book I stress the importance of taking control of your mind at every moment of your day so you can make amazing things happen. Even […]

Are you happy? Your mindset will create your life… by Kate Varvedo

I used to say: “You win one battle, then the second, then the third, and then you win the war.” (Theoretically of course! – your battle with life for survival) So the question to ask is: Are you happy? What is that you need? Do you need to get out of a relationship? Have you […]

Self Esteem And Confidence Are Often Confused by Malcom Levene

    In my experience many employees, particularly in the corporate arena tend to have less clarity than I think is necessary regarding the difference between self esteem and confidence.   One of the dictionary’s definitions of Self Esteem is: “A realistic respect for or favourable impression of oneself; self-respect”. For Confidence it’s: “Trust; belief […]

Vloggers making a difference: Mads and Mikkel Johnsen

At The Best You, we recognise those who are using their digital space to educate, empower and do good for others   Since 2011, Norwegian brothers Mads and Mikkel Johnsen have charted their journey from a self-described lifetime of unhealthy eating habits to a 100 per cent raw vegan diet. At Sweet Natural Living, the […]

Janey loves… by Janey Lee Grace

The Best You’s columnist Janey Lee Grace presents a round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   Your life in 7 days As you sit down to map out your new year’s resolutions I’d like to chip in one important suggestion – don’t set yourself up to fail! Instead […]

Creating space in your life to embrace change by Kate Varvedo

Our world is very busy; everybody is rushing all over the place and never has time for anything. Why are we here? Are we here to do things that are good for other people? Or are we here to enjoy life and make the most of it, in the way it’s good for us?   […]

Sunshine Girl by Rachel Kelly

In her new book, The Best You contributor Rachel Kelly shares her approach to keeping her depression at bay, post-recovery   Last year, I published a memoir entitled Black Rainbow about recovering from two periods of severe depression. Since then, people have often asked what I have since learnt about how to stay well. Walking […]

Inspired Moments by The Best You

With our recent and upcoming seminar programmes, The Best You is creating even more opportunities to be inspired by the personal development industry’s biggest names At The Best You, our mission is to guide people on the path to their greatest selves, and October saw an incredible series of events including our first ever NLP […]

How to sell (even if you think you can’t) by Tony Morris

Being able to ‘sell’ is key to business success, but what if you’re not a natural? Sales doctor Tony Morris offers his top tips to close a deal     People often hear the word ‘sell’ and panic and think of all the negative connotations that they don’t wish to be associated with – pushy, […]

Parent power by Sue Atkins

I’ve had a busy month, and I made headlines in The Mirror, discussing the photo of David Beckham’s daughter Harper sucking a dummy at the age of four. Instead of focusing on the fantastically happy family photo of David Beckham having enormous fun with his 16-year-old son Brooklyn and 4-year-old Harper, the media has gone […]

Janey loves by The Best You

The Best You welcomes Janey Lee Grace as a columnist with a regular round-up of the latest products, ideas and innovations catching her eye this month   Age is just a number How old are you? You’re right it’s none of my business and I hope you won’t ask me either. Ever since my dim […]

Vloggers making a difference: Scola Dondo

Scola Dondo is a 19-year-old qualified personal trainer and food lover, but just five years ago she was an obese teenager. Having lost more than 50lbs through healthy eating and exercise, she shares her tips and tricks to get healthy along with inspiring ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots that prove anyone can achieve change with determination. […]

You can lose it! by Ali Campbell

NLP practitioner Ali Campbell has the answer to successful weight loss – and it is within you to achieve If you could bottle the ‘secret’ to easy, effective weight loss you could sell that bottle for a LOT of money. The bad news is that no such bottle exists, the good news is that you don’t […]

The bright side by Jon Gordon

Keeping upbeat and others in good spirits really can bring about positive results, says author Jon Gordon   Positive energy… It’s a term being talked about a lot more frequently in conference rooms, classrooms, locker rooms, and even living rooms. Perhaps it’s because there is an abundance of new research that shows that positive people, […]

The challenges of life – Bernardo Moya

Day to day, life, the universe or god throws challenges at us that sometimes can feel slightly overwhelming. How we overcome them is by being resourceful. Being resourceful is having the ability to find ways to solve difficult situations quickly. Being resourceful will not prevent us from going through crisis, but it will help us […]

Subscribe to The Best You Magazine

Subscribe to The Best You Magazine

Subscribe to The Best You Magazine The Best You is the leading personal development magazine in the world. All our content is chosen with the aim of being thought-provoking, while giving you insights into personal development areas as they change and evolve. Our content is designed to enrich your way of thinking about life. A […]

What’s your state of mind? – Bernardo Moya

just by picking up and reading The Best You, you are probably more predisposed than most towards discovering ideas that will help you to achieve your goals and work towards the life that you really want. This issue, we have plenty of expert advice and tips for all areas of your life. Our cover star […]

What does it take to… give your kids a good education

Cyrus Afkhami, founder of My Tutor Club, the UK’s leading online tutoring site, advises on giving your children a good start   How did the idea for My Tutor Club come about? By accident! In August 2011, I resigned from my investment banking job as I found the work repetitive, uninspiring and that sitting in […]

What does it take… to be an author by Stephanie J Hale

Stephanie J Hale is a publishing expert who helps high-profile entrepreneurs and speakers to write best-selling books. She is the founder of Oxford Literary Consultancy and author of award-winning books including How to Sell a Million Books. How did you come to write your book, Celebrity Authors’ Secrets? Well I thought about the question that […]

Super natural healer by Beth Greer

Her book is endorsed by Deepak Chopra,Dr Jospeh Mercola and Ralph Nader, and her inexhaustible knowledge of the toxins around us have saved lives – including her own. Meet Beth Greer, AKA Super Natural Mom Air pollution, unhealthy takeaways, intoxicating perfumes. We all know the bad stuff that can damage our health, don’t we? Scratch […]

Eat yourself well by Rachel Kelly

Author Rachel Kelly believes that food can be a valuable tool in achieving a positive state of mind “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” said the Greek physician Hippocrates more than two thousand years ago. Despite such age-old wisdom, it was only after two serious bouts of depression that I’ve followed […]

Mind over matter- Ruth wolever & Beth Reardon

 Knowing the nutritional make-up of your diet is one thing, but have you ever thought about the psychology of what you eat? A new book combines both to help you lose weight and keep it off for life.   If you’ve ever overeaten, rushed your meal, eaten comfort or junk food, you’re not alone, but […]

Become A Contributor

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”18981″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_row_inner content_placement=”middle”][vc_column_inner width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Would you like to be part of the UK’s leading personal development magazine?” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_custom_heading text=”Here’s your chance to share your story of success” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes” css=”.vc_custom_1528366155847{margin-bottom: 1em !important;}”][vc_column_text]At The Best You, we are passionate about helping people to reach their goals and achieve their full potential. Each month, […]

What does it take to be a bird-spotter?

Described as the Banksy of the bird world, top spotter and illustrator Matt Sewell shares his love for our feathered friends. How did you become an illustrator? After I left university, I got into illustration and street art doing lots of different projects for magazines, newspapers, clothing brands, even painting on walls, which is how […]

Mind the gap

Ever feel like you’re missing a great experience? The answer could be to live in the moment, according to mindfulness expert Gill Hasson Mindfulness is having a spotlight moment, with the technique currently sitting top of the self-help league. Models, actresses, sports stars, even health professionals extol the virtues of mindfulness for tackling mental health, […]

Fit for less

What if you could get in shape without endless hours at the gym, on the road or in classes? Fitness coach Zen Martinoli believes his approach can achieve results when time is stretched. Daska Davis reports If you’ve ever been torn between pulling on your gym gear for a lengthy session on the treadmill, putting […]

What does it take… to be an environmental activist?

Do you have a life ambition? Learning from those who have achieved their goals can help your path to success. This month, we talk with Shanghai-based textile designer and environmental activist, Monique Maissan How did you get involved in the environment? In 2012, after recognising the need for everyone to step up and do their […]

Tara Stiles’ wellbeing advice

Tara Stiles has collaborated with Jane Fonda and Deepak Chopra, is author of three books, has more than 200,000 YouTube subscribers and was described by Vanity Fair as, ‘the coolest yoga instructor ever’ Have more energy, lose weight, relax, eat better – each of us has our own goals to achieve, so a one-size-fits-all approach […]

Rob Young Marathon man

With a world record to break and a plan to transform the lives of disadvantaged children around the globe, Rob Young is a man on a mission For most people, running a marathon would be a life achievement, a tick on the bucket list. When Rob Young watched the London Marathon last year, he was inspired […]

What change will you make? by Bernardo Moya

Out with the old, in with the new? I’m not sure how is it is for you, but for me the years seem to go by faster and faster. New Year is a great time for reflection, and I would encourage you to consider how much your life has changed during the last year. Are […]

Love know no bounds by Margarita Tarakovsky

World Religion Day on 18 January aims to promote inter-faith understanding. Margarita Tartakovsky offers tips for making mixed faith relationships work People try to minimise the differences when they’re in love,” says Joel Crohn, PhD, author of Mixed matches: How to create successful interracial, interethnic and interfaith relationships. But dismissing the differences can be detrimental […]

10 Ways To Eat Healthily On A Budget by Mel Wakeman

New Year, and with Christmas bills biting it can be tricky to eat well if you’re watching the pennies. Mel Wakeman has some tips to keep both you and your budget healthy With the worry of rising interest rates, travel costs and household bills, many of us don’t have a lot leftover to live on […]

TOP 6 New Year’s resolutions

1. LOSE WEIGHT After Christmas’ excesses, for many of us the #1 goal at the start of the year is to shed a few pounds. Improved health can be a life-changer and the psychological boost to feeling good about ourselves is significant. Better food choices, watching portion sizes and boosting activity levels are key to […]

December 2014

December is the month where we get a bit of a reprieve from the oppressive coldness with some festive joy. So sit back and enjoy this time of year, and all the mulled wine and twinkling lights that go with it. And of course The Best You is here to add even more joy. These […]

Working health by Scott Roberts

  Sitting behind a desk all day and snacking on unhealthy foods will make you feel tired and irritable. Personal trainer and nutritional advisor Scott Roberts offers a few top tips for office workers who want to stay fit in the workplace and safeguard their health.   The French have a saying: “Metro. Boulot. Dodo.” […]

To thine own self be true by Anne Mulliner

  As the year draws to a close, you might be reflecting on your inner peace and happiness and be keen to make 2015 a year of attitude adjustment. Anne Mulliner has some great tips for doing this.   As the nights close in and the temperature drops, many people find themselves feeling melancholy, restless […]

Better safe than sorry by Bernardo Moya

  For the past 11 years, the month of November has been christened with a new name – Movember. What started out as a humble gathering of 30 moustachioed men has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, and we at The Best You are unashamedly jumping on the bandwagon. Movember is a fantastic cause, one that […]

Don’t believe the hype by Vincent Wong

  Internationally acclaimed property expert and Wealth Dragons Co-Founder Vincent Wong looks at why property is a sound investment in any market and shares his views on why investing in bricks and mortar will always be as SAFE AS HOUSES.   Browsing through one of the daily British red tops recently, three different headlines screamed […]

Captain and crew by Gerry Robert

  Do you want something that is seemingly beyond your grasp? The Law of Attraction states that focussing your energy on your heart’s desires will help you to manifest them. Gerry Robert has some top tips on being the captain of your subconscious.   This simple tool could very well be the thing that turns […]

5 Ways To Travel Like You’re A Zen Master by Sophie Keller

If I could, I would be more than happy to give you a psychological breakdown linking your traveling techniques to your psychological profile, but actually I don’t know that it would be so easy to analyze the methods and motives behind anyone’s travel style. My husband is a great example: Most of the time he […]

Your personal brand depends on you by Malcolm Levene

  Many of the people Malcolm Levene meets are unsure about their personal brand. Some believe their in-person brand to be an extension of their online persona. Others think it’s just about being themselves. If only it were that simple. In fact, if it were that simple, people like him probably wouldn’t have many clients. […]

It’s festival time!

Every summer, thousands of arts and theatre lovers gather in Edinburgh to attend the Edinburgh Festival. For a first time attendee, this can be pretty daunting, so we have asked some festival veterans for their top tips on how to survive this year.   When attending any festival – be it music, theatre, art, or […]

Reducing mental illness stigma by Kate Nightingale

Mental health problems are common: one in four of us experience them in any year. But even now, nearly nine out of ten people with mental health problems say they face stigma and discrimination as a result. Kate Nightingale, head of communications at Time to Change, tells us more.   This is why Time to Change […]

Snakes and Ladders by Vincent Wong

    As the Bank of England raises interest rates by one quarter of a per cent (July 2014) some industry ‘experts’ claim this news will leave the first-time-buyer (FTB) market unscathed. The UK’s leading expert on lease options and co-founder of Wealth Dragons Vincent Wong considers the day-to-day reality for any FTB and also […]

F*** Diets by Susan Hepburn

    Forget the ‘D’ word, says Susan Hepburn. They don’t work, and yo-yo dieting is harmful to the body: it puts a strain on the heart and disrupts the metabolism, which actually makes it harder to lose weight.   Wouldn’t it be great to have no more guilty feelings about the food you eat? […]


Each issue starts off with a welcoming letter by Editor Bernardo Moya, who sets the theme for the current issue of The Best You. Other regular features include “Top Tips” pages, which give you advice on being The Best You, Book Reviews, where we review a selection of books available through the portal. And we […]

We have: A big problem

    New research from an online pharmacy specialising in weight-loss supplements suggests that the average Briton is 5lbs heavier than they were this time last year, with “stressful schedules” and “new relationships” being listed as the key reasons behind the weight gain.   A new study has exposed the main factors behind the UK’s […]

What does it take to be a dating expert? An interview with Kezia Noble

  Part of being the best you can be is focusing on what it takes to get there. We’re continuing the “What does it take…?” column, which looks at this aspect of being the best. This month, we’re chatting with celebrity dating expert Kezia Noble.   How do you become a celebrity dating expert? In […]